The Lost Brotherhood

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The Lost Brotherhood
The Lost Brotherhood's patch
Games: GTA IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
GTA Chinatown Wars
GTA Online
Locations: Alderney
Liberty City
Los Santos
Blaine County
Leaders: Alderney Chapter:
Billy Grey (? - 2008)
Johnny Klebitz (2008 - ?)
Enemies: The Angels of Death
Russian Mafia
The Pegorino crime family
Italian Mafia
Albanian Mafia
Hillside Posse
Brian's Faction
Trevor Philips Enterprises
Affiliations: Thomas Stubbs (2008)
Uptown Riders
Pretty Boy
Elizabeta Torres (? - 2008)
Los Santos Vagos (after 2008)
Vehicles: Revenant
Businesses: Drug Trafficking, Street Racing, Armed robbery, Gun-Running, Prostitution
Fronts: Lost MC Clubhouse
Globe Oil
Members: Billy Grey (? - 2008)
Johnny Klebitz (? - 2013)
Jim Fitzgerald (? - 2008)
Brian Jeremy (? - 2008)
Terry Thorpe (? - 2013)
Clay Simons (? - 2013)
Angus Martin
Jason Michaels (? - 2008)
Lil' Joe (deceased)
Horse (deceased)
Dave Grossman (lawyer)
Ashley Butler (? - 2013)
Leila Sharpe
Murphey (deceased)
Henry (incarcerated)
Frank (TLAD)
Night Hog (? - 1982)
Mitch (TLAD) (? - 1985)
Bozo (? - 1999)
Dirty Sue (? - 2001
Harper (? - 2006)
Wyatt (incarcerated)
Moose (incarcerated)
Jose (TLAD) (incarcerated)
Frank (GTA O) (? - 2013)
Al Carter

The Lost Brotherhood is an outlaw motorcycle club operating primarily out of Acter, Alderney and Liberty City in 2008, and in Los Santos, San Andreas and Blaine County in 2013.


According to the Lost website, the Lost began in 1964 with eight US Marines who met in Hanoi, Vietnam. After the war ended, they had a continued thirst for drugs and violence. Because of this, they began the club and named it "The Lost" because of their friends who were killed in action.

Alderney chapter

At the beginning of The Lost and Damned, the protagonist Johnny Klebitz is the acting leader of in the absence of Billy Grey, who had been incarcerated for drug charges.

Prominent members of the Alderney chapter included the chapter's President Billy Grey; Vice President Johnny Klebitz; Treasurer Jim Fitzgerald; Club Secretary Brian Jeremy; Road Captain Clay Simon and Sergeant-at-Arms Terry Thorpe. Other noteworthy members were Jason Michaels and Angus Martin, as well as old ladies Leila Sharpe and Ashley Butler.

They, or at least their motto, may have been inspired by the Outlaws MC, as Billy Grey at one point stated their motto is "the almighty forgives... the Lost don't", which is identical to that of the Outlaws.

Alderney State Chapter Members

Liberty City chapter

The Lost MC also has a chapter in Broker, Liberty City. In 2008, Johnny met up with six bikers from the Lost's Broker chapter on the Broker Bridge. Jason also called for help from the Broker chapter when hired gun Niko Bellic attacked him.

While there is no chapter in Algonquin, Johnny and other members of The Lost have been seen in Algonquin. It is assumed that most of the Lost members that aid Johnny during the Gang Wars are from Liberty City, specifically Broker.

Liberty State Members

Los Santos chapter

The Lost MC appears in Grand Theft Auto V. The remaining members of the Alderney Chapter end up moving to Blaine County, and merging with the Los Santos Chapter, Johnny taking the role of Vice President once again. Following Johnny's death, they are all more or less wiped out by Trevor Phillips' antics, although groups of bikers will occasionally appear riding around outside Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay, linger around Stab City, or frequent the Hookies bar in North Chumash. They also maintain a clubhouse in East Vinewood near the race track. In all instances except Stab City, they will attack Trevor on sight if they see him.

San Andreas State Members
  • Al Carter - High-ranking member, specific status unknown
  • Johnny Klebitz - Vice President
  • Terry Thorpe - Sergeant at Arms
  • Clay Simons - Road Captain
  • Archangel - Road Captain
  • Ashley Butler - Old Lady
  • Brett - Enforcer
  • Charlie - Enforcer
  • Frank - Enforcer
  • Rob - Enforcer


  • There have been ten presidents of The Lost Brotherhood's Alderney Chapter (the last two being Billy Grey and Johnny Klebitz).
  • Billy Grey and Brian Jeremy were convicted of the same crime in the same year (murder in 1989). It's possible it was a two-man job and it might explain why Brian is so loyal to Billy.
  • The Gunthugs MC is thought to be a separate MC, but a file from Grand Theft Auto IV proves that it is not.
  • The Lost prove to be more aggressive to their rivals, the Angels of Death, despite being outnumbered.
  • It's possible that members of The Lost are extorting or are employed by Globe Oil's offices in Berchem, Alderney, as Johnny refers to their rear parking lot as "Lost MC turf" during the mission "Liberty City Choppers".
  • If the player looks at the memorial wall inside the clubhouse they can see that one of the fallen Lost members uses an Angel of Death model.
  • The Lost MC do not have the crescent shaped rocker that states there home which real outlaw biker gangs with more than one Chapter will have. There should be a rocker with ALDERNEY on the bottom, as should the Broker Chapter have LIBERTY CITY. Strangely the Angels of Death sport their home town rocker, so it's strange the Lost was overlooked in this feature.

Notable tragedies

Before The Lost and Damned

  • Night Hog died in 1982, as the first Lost casualty in their feud with the Angels of Death. Even after taking two shotgun shells to the face, he was standing up and firing his sub-machine gun before he died.
  • Mitch died in 1985 when he was having sex on a moving bike, and was hit by a freight train.
  • Bozo died in 1999 when he was shot directly in the head in a shootout with three police officers.
  • Dirty Sue died in 2001 when he was drunk while driving his motorcycle, veered onto oncoming traffic and was hit by a truck.
  • Harper died in 2006 in a meth lab explosion. He had previously lost one of his ears in 2003 to a similar explosion. As told by the Lost website, he "didn't sell to homos - which is rare in this world of hypocrites and sellouts," suggesting the Lost are homophobic (though, unlike the Angels of Death, they are not racist and have befriended the Uptown Riders).
  • Horse was captured by The Lost after turning state's evidence.
  • Angus Martin is permanently crippled by an accident caused by Billy Grey.
  • Wyatt is an arrested prospect caught with kilos of heroin.
  • Moose shot an undercover cop who infiltrated the Lost and was subsequently arrested.
  • Jose was caught with meth that "wasn't his" and was later arrested.

During The Lost and Damned

After The Lost and Damned

  • The Alderney Chapter of the Lost become addicted to meth and move to Blaine County, San Andreas, merging with the Los Santos Chapter.
  • Johnny Klebitz is killed by Trevor Philips.
  • Terry Thorpe is killed by Trevor Philips.
  • Clay Simons is killed by Trevor Philips.
  • Ashley Butler is either killed by Trevor Philips OR dies in a crack orgy.
  • The Lost are more or less destroyed and ruined in Blaine County after Trevor continuously kills and destroys their property.