FBI Cruiser

FBI Cruiser
An FBI Cruiser in GTA Liberty City Stories.
An FBI Cruiser in GTA Liberty City Stories.
(Rear quarter view)
An FBI Cruiser in GTA Liberty City Stories.
Appearance(s) GTA Liberty City Stories
Vehicle type Law enforcement car
Body style 4-door sedan
Capacity 4 (driver and three passengers)

The FBI Cruiser is a modified version of the "Police" car in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, issued to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Superseding the Kuruma-based FBI Car which appears in the Grand Theft Auto III rendition of Liberty City, the car shares a likeness to the game's Taxi and "Police" car, but is depicted in an all-black body, is largely unmarked, and features a red strobe light on the dashboard. The car, just like its "Police" and "Taxi" counterparts, resembles a cross between a Chevrolet Caprice and a Ford Crown Victoria, which were the two most common police vehicles in the United States in real life during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The car itself isn't much faster than a Sentinel, but retains the same cornering and braking characteristics as the police car and Taxi, and is a reliable vehicle overall. Like any law enforcement vehicle, the player may activate Vigilante side-missions while in the car. Unlike most of its contemporaries, however, the FBI Cruiser cannot be resprayed at any Pay 'n' Spray.


As expected for a car associated with the FBI, the FBI Cruiser will normally appear only when the player is on a 5-star wanted level, after unlocking Staunton Island. When under the aforementioned wanted level, the car spawns as pursuit vehicles containing four hostile FBI agents each and is capable of a much higher speed than normal (e.g. being able to overtake or ram the player even if they have a much faster car, such as an Infernus). Multiple FBI Cruisers may also be used in road blocks.

Other than appearing when the player is wanted, the car also appears in two missions, as explained in the following section.

Mission appearances

  • Contra-Banned: This appears during the cutscene where the deal is made. In this mission it is possible to steal the Cruiser and take it to a safehouse, thus acquiring the Cruiser before Staunton Island opens up. This will result in mission failure from abandoning the drugs filled Patriot.
  • L.C. Confidential: An FBI Cruiser needs to be stolen as part of the mission to meet a contact with files on Liberty City's athletes. Another one turns up after meeting the contact when the player's cover is blown by John-O, an FBI agent who was meant to meet the contact.
  • Crazy '69': Ray Machowski is seen leaning on a light beige colored FBI Cruiser in the opening cutscene, there is no way of obtaining this variant.

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