Margot Summers
Appearances The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full Name Margot Summers
Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth 1980
Date of Death 2008
Age at Death 28
Nationality American
Main Affiliations Luis Fernando Lopez (2007—2008)

Margot Summers (19802008), commonly known as Margot, is a character in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Margot is mentioned to have hooked up with Luis Fernando Lopez in 2007[1], but Luis ended the "relationship" when he revealed that he did not want to get married.[2] Unable to move on, Margot subsequently stalks and develops an unhealthy obsession towards him. It was implied that her father told her that Luis was a bad influence,[3] but, due to her mental obsession with Luis, she sent constant e-mails, phone calls, and gifts.

In The Ballad of Gay Tony, she is first encountered by Luis in front of Hercules (although it is implied she waited there for him knowing he works there) and, after stressing him out about his denial of her constant gifts, told him that she took 37 painkillers and 15 sleeping pills. Very annoyed, but still worried for her safety, Luis rushed Margot to the emergency room of the Lancet-Hospital Center to have her stomach pumped.

Upon release from hospital, she is encountered a second time two in-game days later one an upper floor of Pier 45, holding onto a handrail and ready to jump to her death, claiming that Luis would save her if she attempted to commit suicide. Before jumping, Margot damns Luis' debaucherous lifestyle, calling him a "shell" of a person, and holds a note stating that he is responsible for her death as the letter apparently states he pushed her off.[4] Luis pleaded with her that she needn't kill herself for him and attempted to stop her, but she leaped out of his reach to her death. A crowd of bystanders surrounding the pier believed that Luis pushed her (ironically, bringing the suicide note to fruition), forcing him to either outrun or fight the angry mob and the police, depending on the player's choice.


  • If the player points a gun at Margot before triggering the cutscene for her second encounter, she will let go and fall to her death.
  • Because the game respawns a duplicate Margot model whenever the cutscene for her second encounter is triggered, it is possible to end up with two corpses of Margot on the ground by having the player push the original Margot character model off the building before the cutscene begins.
  • In TBOGT's game files, the csletter.wdr texture file contained within cutsprops.img depicts a legal document that holds Luis responsible for an unspecified act committed against Margot. The letter also reveal Margot's last name, Summers. Although the texture is presumably intended to be used on the rolled-up paper Margot shows during her second encounter with the player, it is not visible on the paper. The texture reads as follows:

The Three Palms

74 Longingwood Avenue,
St. Blonddeffe,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you about the incident which occured last week regarding my client: Margot Summers. The incident will be logged on our file as an innentional act commited by Luis Fernando Lopez. We intend to investigate this matter further as we have a witness in place and are fully prepared to take this to a court of law.

Yours Sincerely,
May Penders.


  1. From Margot's first random encounter:
    Luis Lopez: "No. Listen, Margot, you're a nice girl, and it was nice hooking up with you, but it - it was over a year ago."
  2. From Margot's first random encounter:
    Luis Lopez: "But, seriously, I just don't want to marry you."
  3. From Margot's first random encounter:
    Margot: "You know, my dad was right about you."
    Luis Lopez: "Y-your dad? Look, he probably was."
  4. From Margot's second random encounter:
    Margot: "I've got a letter, telling everyone that you pushed me."