Frickie Van Hardenburg

Frickie Van Hardenburg
Appearances The Ballad of Gay Tony


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2008
Nationality South African
Vehicles Super Drop Diamond
Businesses Weapons trafficking
Conflict gem trafficking
Human trafficking
Drug trafficking

Frickie Van Hardenburg is a character featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony. Van Hardenburg was said to be a "controversial African" who was accused of financing conflicts and a string of humanitarian crimes. He had also been linked to weapons smuggling, gem dealing, the slave trade, and drugs; all allegations which he strongly denied.

Van Hardenburg was in possession of a Buzzard helicopter, which was stolen from his yacht by Luis Lopez on Yusuf Amir's orders. After the helicopter had been stolen, Luis was told to use the missiles on the chopper to sink the yacht. Frickie and his private army died in the yacht explosion, and the speed boat chase following the yacht's sinking. He can be briefly seen giving a speech about the Buzzard to his guests in the lounge room, however if you go into the lounge room, he won't be there. He dies in the explosion nonetheless.


  • Frickie Van Hardenburg owns a Super Drop Diamond just like Yusuf Amir, the two of them are the only known owners of a Super Drop Diamond.
  • It is presumed that Van Hardenburg is from the Republic of South Africa or Namibia, as the majority of Afrikaners (Caucasian people from Africa) are from South Africa or Namibia, and his Dutch/Germanic-sounding last name implies that he is from a family that speaks Afrikaans, a language prevalent among Afrikaners in South Africa and Namibia (among other southern African nations).