Daisie Cash-Cooze

Daisie Cash-Cooze
Appearances The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full Name Daisie Cash-Cooze
Aliases Daisie
Gender Gender::Female
Place of Birth London, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Home London
Family Bertie (fiancé)
Main Affiliations Luis Fernando Lopez
Tony Prince
Chris Hunt
Vehicles Red F620
Voiced by Elizabeth Jasicki

Daisie Cash-Cooze is a random character in The Ballad of Gay Tony. She is the last random character to be triggered in the game, and can be found sitting next to the bar in Maisonette 9.


A British debutante from London, Daisie is supposedly famous (having been voted "Babe of the Month"), and has a cocaine addiction. Her father is a wealthy businessman with a peerage (a highly prestigious honorary title in the United Kingdom) who spent $200,000 on her education. She also visits Shropshire (likely her family's home), St. Tropez and Liberty City, where she slept with Maisonette 9 bouncer Luis Fernando Lopez. After hooking up with Luis she returned to London, dated and got engaged to a man named Bertie (also privately educated, and allegedly bisexual but "seventy percent hetero"). She may have been lying about returning to London, but her engagement to Bertie would support her claim.

Cash-Cooze reunited with Luis in 2008 as a random character in Maisonette 9. She gave action star Chris Hunt a handjob and he planned on leaking the video online, to disprove rumors that he is gay. Luis drove Daisie around Algonquin in an attempt to track him down via his cell phone bleats through the "Bleeter Website." They travel to Perseus, Squid Row and eventually they find him in Star Junction where he is supposedly premiering his latest movie, which turns out to be his sex tape on the Weazel News mega screen. The Celebinator writes an article on his website about the sex tape.

Daisie later sends Luis an e-mail thanking him for his help and reveals that she and Bertie are getting married.

Finding Daisie

Although Daisie's icon may appear on screen, she will not always be found within Maisonette 9. The only way to encounter her is to periodically return to the club and check the bar for the appearance of a previously unseen blonde. As with other random characters, approaching her will trigger the mission.


Luis gets a nominal $500 for driving Daisie around town, but he also gets to keep her red F620.

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