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Arnaud during his first encounter with the player in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
Appearances The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full Name Arnaud
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality French
Main Affiliations Luis Fernando Lopez
Voiced by Simon Jutras

Arnaud is a middle-aged Frenchman in The Ballad of Gay Tony who encounters the player twice as a random character.


During their first meeting, Arnaud and Luis get along and after some conversation about France, America, and women near Star Junction, revealing that he indulges in sex and drugs. He asks Luis to take him to a massage spa in Chinatown for an appointment, which he agrees to.

The second time they met, Luis found Arnaud deep in Bohan after a night of Chinese opium laden bondage with some Brazilian prostitutes and was left on a street corner, beaten up, with his wallet stolen. Claiming that the wallet had sentimental value, Luis agrees to chase the pimp who took Arnaud's wallet, kill him, return the wallet to Arnaud, and drop Arnaud off in Fortside, a relatively safer part of Bohan.


  • Luis has unique dialogue when stealing a vehicle before taking Arnaud anywhere, claiming that "'s mine, I just forgot the keys...".
  • Arnaud refers to Luis as "The Spaniard", despite Luis being of Dominican descent.
  • The pimp depicted in the second encounter to have stolen Arnaud's wallet drives a unique gold and maroon Manana.