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Brian Johnson (1977 - 1987) is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Brian is the son of Beverly Johnson and the brother of Carl, Sean ("Sweet") and Kendl Johnson.

Brian is the youngest known child of Beverly Johnson and the sibling of Carl, Sweet and Kendl. Brian is associated with the Grove Street Families due to being a relative of the gangs leader, his brother Sweet. He had wanted to be in the gang, but had either no time or a short time in the gang. Brian lived in the Johnson House, Ganton, Los Santos until his death in 1987. He apparently bore a strong resemblance to Carl, as Emmet initially mistakes Carl for Brian when they first meet.

It is implied that Brian Johnson died in a tragic accident in 1987, with his brother Carl present at the time of his death. Sweet blamed Carl for his death, which led to Carl leaving Los Santos for Liberty City. Carl did not attend Brian's funeral, confirmed when Sweet says: "That's another funeral you ran away from, fool. Just like Brian's".

According to what Carl says to Sweet during the final mission while they are outside Smoke's drug palace, Carl let Brian die and didn't call for help.