Mike Andrews

Mike Andrews is a motivational speaker in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He doesn't appear in-game, and can only heard on radio stations.

Mike Andrews claims that people need to stop complaining about being poor and get on with their lives. Stating that you don't need any money at all. He criticizes people that complain about not being able to feed their children or pay the rent. He thinks that the rich are the Yin, and the poor are the Yang, claiming that rich people need poor people.

Ironically, he charges ridiculously large amounts of money to attend his shows and purchase his CDs, so it seems like a scam to make money.


  • In the radio commercials featuring him in GTA: San Andreas, one the background music tracks used is an edited version of Certainty, from the album WSR146 Successful & Determined, produced by Westar Music.