James Earl Cash

James Earl Cash
Appearances Manhunt
Full Name James Earl Cash
Aliases James "Cut-Throat" Cash


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth June 26th 1969
Age Now 55
Nationality American
Home Los Santos (1969 - ?)
Las Venturas (? - 1992)
Carcer City
Family Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Two unnamed siblings
Main Affiliations Lionel Starkweather
The Journalist
The Tramp
Businesses J.E.C. & Sons Construction
Voiced by Stephen Wilfong

James Earl Cash is a character in the 3D Universe, appearing as the player character in Manhunt who appears on wanted posters in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, although it is unknown what he is wanted for. Cash, who had lived in Las Venturas, was sentenced to death after being convicted for an unknown crime. His execution, however, is a hoax orchestrated by The Director who has Cash brutally murder members of various gangs in cordoned off sections of Carcer City for his snuff films. Cash performs the murders but manages to escape before press discover the snuff film ring and the involvement of the Carcer City Police Department.

Murders committed

  • White Rabbit - (Killed to gain hold of the key to escape Darkwoods Penitentiary)
  • Ramirez - (Killed attempting to kill Cash)
  • Cerberus Leader -(Killed to gain hold of the elevator key to reach Starkweather)
  • Piggsy - (Killed for attempting to kill Cash)
  • Lionel Starkweather - (Killed for forcing Cash to kill gang members, ordering the brutal deaths of his family members, and later trying to kill him)


  • Rockstar named James Earl Cash after the real life killer, James Earl Ray.
  • James Earl Cash action figures can be found in the Zero RC shop in San Fierro in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • In Manhunt 2 a billboard can be read that says "JEC and Sons Construction", a reference to to James Earl Cash.
  • Wanted posters for Cash can be found inside the police stations in Las Venturas and San Fierro.