Benny (GTA SA)

Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name Benny
Aliases The Gimp


Date of Death 1992
Home Las Venturas
Main Affiliations Millie Perkins

Benny is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is a client of Millie Perkins and resident of Las Venturas. He does not speak in his only appearance.

Character history

Benny is a resident of Las Venturas and a frequent client of Millie Perkins, an employee of the Caligula's Palace casino on The Strip. Protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson, working alongside The Four Dragons Casino owner Wu Zi "Woozie" Mu, plans to pull off a heist at the casino and tries to date Millie, hoping to gain her key card. He follows her back from the casino to her house before killing Benny while he is walking down the street to meet her. Taking Benny's place, Carl gains access to Millie's house and key card, and also becomes her boyfriend.


  • Benny, while walking towards Millie's house carries a dildo.
  • Benny does not have a unique character model, sharing his design with country farmers in Red County, Flint County and Whetstone.
  • Benny is referred to as The Gimp and as Master by Millie Perkins, suggesting that would have engaged in a BDSM sexual acts.

Mission appearance

GTA San Andreas