Vincent Lupisella

Vincent Lupisella is the Don of the Lupisella Family, he is the father of Mark Lupisella and his family may be a threat to the Gambetti Family. Vincent Lupisella is seventy-eight years old. He has a grand-daughter, Dani Lupisella who dated Luis Lopez, but after the relationship finished, she threatened him with her family, claiming she would have him castrated.

LCPD Database information

Surname: Lupisella

First Name: Vincent

Age: 79

Place of Birth: Bohan, Liberty City

Affiliations: Lupisella Crime Syndicate

Criminal Record:

  • 1948 - Hijacking
  • 1950 - Manslaughter
  • 1952 - Armed Robbery
  • 1956 - Extortion
  • 1970 - Conspiracy
  • 1989 - Racketeering
  • 2001 - Racketeering
  • 2005 - Obstruction Of Justice


  • Suspected to be the head of the Lupisella Crime Syndicate despite his son, Mark "Loopy" Lupisella, being officially in charge.
  • Believed to have killed his twin brother in a struggle for leadership of the family.
  • Claims to suffer from Alzheimer's Disease though his lawyers have blocked any State sponsored tests to verify this.
  • The Lupisella organization is believed to control many major Liberty City rackets.


Vincent Lupisella is probably based on Genovese crime family boss Vincent Gigante, since he also claimed to have mental problems, to avoid prosecution.