Ancelotti Family

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Ancelotti Family
Members of the Ancelotti Family
Games: GTA IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Locations: Alderney City, Alderney
Acter, Alderney
Little Italy, Algonquin;
Liberty City
Leader: Giovanni Ancelotti
Type: Italian-American Mafia family
Enemies: Irish American Killers
Pegorino Family
Gambetti Family
Affiliations: Albanians
Rascalov Family
Bulgarin Family
Gay Tony
Luis Fernando Lopez
Vehicles: Sentinel XS
Sports PMP 600
NRG 900
Weapons: Knife, Pistol, SMG, Uzi and Combat Shotgun
Fronts: Fruit Markets
Colony Island Waste Factory
Fuel Depot
Algonquin Night Clubs
Members: Giovanni Ancelotti
Charles Matteo (Underboss) (Deceased)
Anthony Spoleto (Capo) (Deceased)
Frank Garone (Capo) (Deceased)
Rocco Pelosi (Deceased)
Uncle Vince (Deceased)

The Ancelotti Family are one of the "Five Families" that control organized crime in Liberty City. The family's criminal empire is based in Alderney City and Algonquin, mainly around the Little Italy area. They are apparently the weakest of the Five Families, going to the extent of hiring Albanian thugs for extra muscle. Because of this, the Ancelottis are often the target of the Pegorino Family and their hired muscle, the Irish Mob. Despite the family's small size, they still appear to be able to intimidate people, judging by some of the in game dialogue. This could be due to things that they have done in the past that remain as of yet unexplained. They also start to work with the Faustin Family, earning the wrath of the Gambetti Family, who consider it an insult to work with foreign crime syndicates. After the events of the storylines, the family is ruined. Most of the reputed members have been murdered, apart from family Don Giovanni Ancelotti and his daughter Gracie.

Reputed members and associates

Known Members



  • It's possible the family ended after the end of Grand Theft Auto IV because Rocco left the city after Departure Time and was eventually killed by Michael De Santa during Grand Theft Auto V, and two Capos, the Underboss and several members were killed by Niko Bellic.
  • During the mission Chinese Takeout, Gay Tony says they are "one of the most powerful mob families in the city", despite them ironically being the weakest.
  • It is possible that the buyers in the mission If the Price is Right are the Ancelottis since they are known to be in the business of dealing drugs with Dimitri Rascalov and the Russian Mafia.
  • The family's main/favorite car is the Cognoscenti, seen driven more by them than anybody.
  • The Ancelotti family may be based on the Colombo Crime Family, the least influential family of New York, even though the Colombos are just based in Brooklyn and don't have a heavy influence in New Jersey. Like the Colombo Family, the Ancelottis are one of the smaller families of New York City.