A Violator in GTA Vice City Stories.

Violator is a boat that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Violator is designed as a new speedboat with an overall design seemingly a mixture of the Speeder and the Squalo, and is distinguishable by its dual spoilers/air vents sandwiching an exposed engine block. The Violator has good handling and better durability than the Speeder, but is slower. It is also one of the boats wanted by the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound for export.

A Violator always spawns at a Vice Point jetty across the canal from the Leaf Links Golf Club.

Its name may be a reference to the slang term 'to violate', which means to to penetrate a persons body without permission. This may be true because of Rockstar's heavy useage of crude jokes.


  • In the BradyGames guide for GTA Vice City Stories, the boat is referred as "Scarab," which is based on the original name of the boat. The model name of the boat is scarab.