OG Loc (mission)

OG Loc
Big Smoke tells Carl Johnson that OG Loc is being released from prison.
Big Smoke tells Carl Johnson that OG Loc is being released from prison.

Big Smoke tells Carl Johnson that OG Loc is being released from prison.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Big Smoke
Target Freddy
Location Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks Life's a Beach
Running Dog

OG Loc is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by secondary antagonist and high-ranking Grove Street Families member Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris from his house in Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas.


Carl drops by Smoke's house and waits for him, but instead he and gang leader Sean "Sweet" Johnson appear from the backdoor. The trio drive over to the police station in Pershing Square to pick up part-time Grove Street affiliate, aspiring rapper Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross, after his release from prison. Upon arriving there, Loc says that he needs to kill a member of the Los Santos Vagos, Freddy, who has "disrespected" him in jail and "stolen his rhymes" (when it is later implied Loc was actually prison raped by Freddy, something Loc repeatedly denies). After reaching a house belonging to Freddy in East Los Santos, Carl decides to stay with Loc while Smoke and Sweet drive off home.

After a brief confrontation with Loc, Freddy escapes from the backdoor of his house and jumps on a bike. Carl and Loc take chase using another bike and start chasing after him through the streets and alleys of Los Santos. The chase comes to a stop at East Los Santos outside the Basketball Court. Loc and Carl kill all the Vagos gang members as well as Freddy. Loc then says he needs to sign for a job at the Burger Shot in Marina. Carl and Loc ride a vehicle and head to the restaurant.


(Carl knocks on Smoke's door. Smoke and Sweet come from around the back of Smoke's house talking between themselves.)

Sweet: Yeah, you know Jeffrey's been somebody's bitch for the past three weeks, right?

Big Smoke: I know!

(Carl notices Sweet and Smoke and vice versa.)

CJ: Hey.

Big Smoke: Hey, CJ!

Sweet: Hey, what's up, CJ?

CJ: Whassup?

Big Smoke: Whassup, man? Wanna go to prison?

CJ: What?

Sweet: (giggles) Nah... To pick up Jeffrey. He's touching down today. You wanna roll?

CJ: Yeah, for sure. What's Jeffrey doing locked up, anyway?

Sweet: We'll talk about that later, man. Let's roll, we're late.

(The three enter Smoke's Glendale and drive to the police headquaters.)

Sweet: Good to hang with you, brother, I'm sorry I can get a little tense.

CJ: Don't worry about it.

Big Smoke: Hey, man, it ain't Jeffrey no more, it's O-G-Loc!

CJ: O-G-Loc?

Sweet: Oh yeah, he's a real gangsta now!

CJ: Aww, alright, and what'd he do?

Big Smoke: Anything he could get thrown in jail for, for his career. Joyriding, parking fines or some other bullshit!

(Carl, Sweet and Smoke pull up outside the prison. Loc is waiting for them.)

Big Smoke: Hey, there that fool go.

Sweet: Look at this fool, man... Perpetrating like he bangin'...

Big Smoke: ...Think he hard...

CJ: (as they exit to receive Loc) ...Man, I tell you...

Big Smoke: I know that fool can't be serious.

CJ: Hey, what's happening with you, Jeffrey?

OG Loc: (keeps his suitcase down) Hey, man, it's OG Loc, homie - OG Loc!

CJ: My bad. How was it, though, homie?

OG Loc: Man, what you think? How was it...

Big Smoke: (to Loc as he seperates the two) Hey, chill out, dude. So what you want to do now?

OG Loc: Man, I gotta kill some cholo mother-fucker. He was dissin' me, man!

Big Smoke: Hey Jeffrey, I thought you was going to, uh, college.

(Carl and Smoke laugh.)

OG Loc: Man, fuck you! Mother-fucker done stole my rhymes. He's in East Flores. Hey, gimme a strap.

Sweet: Man, why don't you stall us out with that shit and get in the car. Fool.

(They enter the car and start driving to eastern Los Flores.)

CJ: What's your plan, big gangsta? Now you a free man and all.

OG Loc: Man, I ain't free, my parole officer lined me up over this job!

Big Smoke: Motherfucker always trying to keep a player down.

OG Loc: You got that right! Still, ain't so bad, I'm gonna be a 'hygiene technician'.

Sweet: Coming up in the world, huh?

OG Loc: Just a stepping-stone to greatness.

(Carl, Loc, Smoke and Sweet pull up outside Freddy's house.)

OG Loc: Man, this is the spot!

CJ: Ain't this a Vagos' 'hood?

OG Loc: Man, I don't give a shit, I'm gangsta!

Big Smoke: C'mon, let's leave Loc to deal with Casanova.

CJ: Hey, I'll stick with Jeff - I mean, Loc!

Sweet: OK, cool. I'll see you guys back on the set.

(Carl and Loc go up to Freddy's door.)

OG Loc: Freddy! I've come for you, you mother-fucker!

CJ: Hey, Loc, hold up!

Freddy: Jeffrey, you got the wrong idea, man - that was just a prison thing! I got plenty of muchachas on the outside, I don't need your scrawny ass!

OG Loc: Man, ignore him, CJ, I don't know what he talking about. Hey, yo', gimme back my rhymes you thief, I'm gangsta!

Freddy: You dropped the soap, sugar, I don't know nothing about any rhymes!

(Freddy comes out of the back door, hops onto a motorbike and rides away.)

OG Loc: Hey, hey! Mother-fucker's making a run for it!

CJ: Hey Loc, get back here, nigga you crazy!

OG Loc: Eh yo', back off me CJ, I gotta protect my rep'!

Freddy: (while being chased) Ooo! Chase me! Chase me! C'mon, honey, I'm losing my patience! I like the fast ass, not the slow ass! I thought you were keen, cute buns! Catch me if you caaAAAaan! Yoohoo! Over here! Coowee, Jeffrey! You know I love the thrill of the chase! Hey baby, move those sweet cheeks! Try to show a little bit more enthusiasm, darling! (reaches East Los Santos) He's broken my heart! Get him, boys!

OG Loc: Yo, I'm gonna kill that loud mouthed motherfucker! Your ass is mine! Oh, no no no, I didn't mean it like that! CJ, help me out here!

(Carl and OG Loc are standing over Freddy's dead body.)

OG Loc: Don't you say a damn thing, CJ.

CJ: Was you lonely, Loc? Hey, I like a nice moustache myself!

OG Loc: I keep it real, unlike you fake ass mother-fuckers.

CJ: C'mon, gangsta. Let's get back to the Grove.

OG Loc: Nah, I can't, I gotta go and sign in for this damn job!

CJ: Whatever you want. You want a ride anyway?

OG Loc: Sure thing. Let's roll.

OG Loc: Hey, take me to the Burger Shot at Verona Beach.

CJ: You're the boss.

OG Loc: Coz i'm keen, With the hygiene, On a mission, Like a super technician, baby.

CJ: Get on with this shit man. Look at you, all muscley and shit.

OG Loc: Man, I got 17s on the hang.

CJ: You coulda did that out here.

OG Loc: Because I did in the joint, it's real now.

CJ: Yeah, I guess it is, gangsta.

(Carl and Loc pull up outside the Burger Shot.)

OG Loc: Thanks for the ride, CJ. Don't be a stranger, fool.

CJ: Yeah, for sure, I'll see you around.

OG Loc: Like a quarter pound! Later.


The reward for this mission is an increase in respect. The missions Running Dog and Life's a Beach are unlocked.


  • This mission is the first of eleven missions to use the Trip Skip feature.
  • Even if Freddy is killed during the chase, the follow-up cutscene will still occur at the basketball court.


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