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This is a list of Characters in the Grand Theft Auto series, listed on the letter L, and lists characters by surname. When surnames are not available, first names are used and then nicknames. To find characters whose names are known but are better known by nicknames (such as Melvin Harris, known better as Big Smoke), you can use the Find function. To access this, press the Control (Ctrl) and F keyboard buttons at the same time.

Some characters listed appear in other Rockstar Games titles, such as Manhunt, but are listed here as they are in so way related to the Grand Theft Auto series. The characters listed either appear or are mentioned in a Grand Theft Auto game. The games are written as short hand IDs, which are as follows:

Game ID Game ID
Grand Theft Auto 1 1 Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 L 1969
Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961 L 1961 Grand Theft Auto 2 2
Grand Theft Auto III III Grand Theft Auto: Vice City VC
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas SA Grand Theft Auto Advance A
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories LCS Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories VCS
Grand Theft Auto IV IV Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars CW
The Lost and Damned TLAD The Ballad of Gay Tony TBOGT
Manhunt M


Character Information Notes

Pierre La Ponce
Pierre La Ponce is a French thief and courier who steals missile guidance chips from the French government. Tommy Vercetti kills La Ponce to recover the chips, following an ambushed deal. Voiced by: Armando Riesco.
Appears in: VC
Jane Labrador Jane Labrador is, in 2008, the co-host of the Fizz! show on the WKTT radio station, alongside Marcel LeMuir and Jeffron James. Voiced by: Melinda Wade.
Appears in: IV

Dr. LaBrat
Dr. LaBrat is the leader of the Scientists gang in Anywhere City. He hires Claude Speed in his conflict with the Rednecks and The Zaibatsu Corporation, eventually defeating the Rednecks. Claude Speed later kills LaBrat. Appears in: 2

Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld is, in 2008, the German DJ of the K109 The Studio radio station in Liberty City. Voiced by: Karl Lagerfeld.
Appears in: IV

Barry Lamora
Barry Lamora is a criminal in Liberty City who is wanted by the LCPD for human trafficking. He can be killed by Niko Bellic, depending on the players choice. Appears in: IV
Lance Lance is an associate of Loonies leader Elmo. Lance distracts a police guard, allowing Claude Speed to steal back a Dementia Limousine. Appears in: 2
Cliff Lane Cliff Lane is the co-host of Lips 106 in 1998, alongside Andee. By 2001 he had been fired or quit. Voiced by: Ed McMann.
Appears in: LCS
Ophelia Lardaz Ophelia Lardaz is, in 1998, a resident of Liberty City. Appears in: LCS
Larry Larry was scheduled to be a character in GTA San Andreas. Larry was to be a motorbike LVPD police officer who has his HPV-1000 stolen during the mission Cop Wheels. Appears in: SA
Lucy Lastic Lucy Lastic is, in 1998, a resident of Liberty City. Appears in: LCS

Maria Latore
Maria Latore is the wife, later widow, of Salvatore Leone. She had worked at Caligula's Palace in Las Venturas, where she met Salvatore, marrying him between 1992 and 1998. She once dated Wayne, wanted to date Toni Cipriani and wants, in 2001, to date Claude. She has a problem with drugs, almost overdosing in 1998, and in 2001 is kidnapped by Catalina. She once lived in Las Venturas. Voiced by: Debi Mazar and Fiona Gallagher.
Appears in: III, SA and LCS
Gregory Lau Gregory Lau is a reporter for the Liberty Tree newspaper in 2001. Appears in: III
Albert Lawson Albert Lawson is a member of the Liberty City chapter of The Angels of Death. It is rumored that he caused the war between the Angels and The Lost Brotherhood by sleeping with the mother of a Lost member. He has been arrested on five occasions: in 1987 for resisting arrest, in 1989 and 1992 for assault, and in 1993 and 2005 for possession of a controlled substance. Appears in: IV
Johnny Lawton Johnny Lawton is the co-host of K-JAH West in 1992, alongside Marshall Peters. Voiced by: Robbie Shakespeare.
Appears in: SA
President Lawton President Lawton is, in 2008, the President of the United States of America. He is a conservative and supports limiting freedom, such as supporting and extending the Jingoism Act, in order to protect freedom. Milica Bellic says that the world views him as foolish. According to Thomas Stubbs Twitter page, his birthday is on or around February 16. Appears in: IV

Lazlow is the intern of the V-Rock radio station in 1984 and host of the station in 1986. By 1992 he hosts the Entertaining America show on WCTR and by 1998 hosts the Chatterbox show on LCFR, which he also hosts when it becomes Chatterbox FM in 2001. In GTA IV, he hosts the Integrity 2.0 radio station. He has resided in Vice City, Los Santos and Liberty City (both GTA III rendition and GTA IV rendition). Voiced by: Lazlow Jones.
Appears in: III, VC, SA, LCS, VCS and IV
Lazy Balls Lazy Balls is a member of the Rednecks gang. His father is Pa Wayne and he has many siblings, including Bob, Joleyn, Mary Beth, Jethro, Seth, Peter Lee, Boff, Sammy Jo, Teri Barbara, Maggie May, Bonny, Jonny W., Billy Bob, Bobby Bill and Fabrizio. Appears in: 2
LB LB is an associate of Ryder who helps him in 1992. He resides in Los Santos and has a garage in Playa del Seville, which Carl Johnson delivers stolen property to. Appears in: SA
Daryl Lect Daryl Lect is a white hobo who lives in Vice City in 1984. Appears in: VCS

Lee is a member of the Forelli Family who Sonny Forelli sends to Vice City (along with Harry) to accompany Tommy Vercetti. Lee was killed in an ambushed drug deal. Appears in: VC
General Lee General Lee is a member of the Rednecks gang in Anywhere City. Appears in: 2
Harp Lee Harp Lee is a member of the Rednecks gang in Anywhere City. Appears in: 2

Huang Lee
Huang Lee is the twenty-five year old nephew of Wu Lee and a high ranking member of the Triad sub-sect Lee Family. Lee is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. He has been arrested on two occasions: once in 2002 for trademark counterfeiting and again in 2005 for grand theft auto. Appears in: IV and CW
Kai Lee Kai Lee is the owner of Kai Lee's Hot Sauce Company in Chinatown, Liberty City. Appears in: Grand Theft Auto III
Wu Lee Wu Lee is the forty-eight year old leader of one of the Triad sub-sect Lee Family in Liberty City. He is the uncle of Huang Lee. He has been arrested on five occasions: in 1996 for possession of stolen property, in 1998 for petit larceny, in 2001 for grand larceny, in 2002 for arson and in 2006 for extortion. Appears in: IV and CW
Lefty Lefty is a resident of Anywhere City who works alongside the Yutes gang, but sells secret to anyone who pays him. Claude Speed, on orders from Trey Welsh, pays Lefty to find the leader of the Yutes. Appears in: 2
Marcel LeMuir Marcel LeMuir is, in 2008, the co-host of the Fizz! show on the WKTT radtio station, alongside Jane Labrador and Jeffron James. Voiced by: Fez Whatley.
Appears in: IV
Len Len owns a garage in London, which receives a bike from the protagonist. Appears in: L 1969 and L 1961
Lenny Lenny is a resident of London and performs a bank robbery for Jack Parkinson, using the protagonist as a getaway driver. Appears in: L 1969 and L 1961
Lenny Lenny is, in 2008, a resident of Liberty City and a mechanic at Brucie's Executive Auto Garage. Appears in: IV
Leo The Locksmith Leo is an associate of Sunbeam who opens a gate to a Zaibatsu construction site for Claude Speed. Appears in 2

Joey Leone
Joey Leone is the son of Salvatore Leone and resides in Liberty City. He owns his own business and in 1992 employs Carl Johnson. In 2001 he hires Claude to weaken the Forelli Family and the Triads. He may love Misty, a prostitute who works for Luigi Goterelli and Mickey Hamfists. His step mother is Maria Latore. Voiced by: Michael Rapaport.
Appears in: III

Salvatore Leone
Salvatore Leone is the Don of the Leone Family from the mid-1980s, the father of Joey and husband of Maria Latore. His home is in Liberty City but in 1992 he briefly lived in Las Venturas, owning a third of Caligula's Palace. In 1992 he employs Carl Johnson to weaken the Forelli and Sindacco Families. In 1998, he hires Toni Cipriani for the same task and in 2001 hires Claude to weaken the Triads and Colombian Cartel. Claude kills Salvatore to prove his loyalty to Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen. Voiced by: Frank Vincent.
Appears in: III, SA and LCS

Uncle Leone
Uncle Leone is the elderly uncle of Salvatore Leone and leader of the Sicilian Mafia. He and Massimo Torini attempt to expel the mob families (Leone, Forelli and Sindacco) from Liberty City, but are thwarted by Salvatore and Toni Cipriani. Appears in: LCS
Master Lepus Master Lepus (born April 20, 1960 in Wolverhampton, England) is an Anywhere City criminal and a virtual recluse with a Buddha complex. Appears in: 2
Lee Leroc Lee Leroc, known as King, is a private investigator and Elvis impersonator that works with both The Angels of Death and the Jaoming Family in 2008. Appears in: IV
Brother Leroy Brother Leroy is a member of the Brotherhood of Jah Army of Love in Vice City. He is a suicide bomber who blows himself up and destroys a hotel in Richman. Appears in: 1
Moe Lester Moe Lester is a member of the Sharks gang in 1984 and resides in Vice City. Appears in: VCS
Juliette Lewis Juliette Lewis is, in 2008, the DJ for the Radio Broker radio station in Liberty City. Voiced by: Juliette Lewis.
Appears in: IV

Ran Fa Li
Ran Fa Li is the leader of the Red Gecko Tong Triads. He outranks Wu Zi Mu and, despite being uncertain about Carl Johnson, he later comes to respect and trust him. He later owns a third of the Four Dragons Casino, along with Wu Zi Mu and Carl Johnson. Voiced by: Hunter Platin.
Appears in: SA

Lickingood is, in 2008, the name of a female user of the website. She can not be dated by Niko Bellic. Appears in: IV
Larry Ligner Larry Ligner is, in 2008, a resident of Liberty City. He sends Oleg Minkov an e-mail entitled Attention: publishing warning. He may be related to lawyer Patrick Ligner. Appears in: IV

Patrick Ligner
Patrick Ligner is, in 2008, a lawyer, part-owner of Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster and a resident of Liberty City. He may be related to Larry Ligner. Appears in: IV
Linda Linda is a resident of Vice City who appears in a Domestobot commercial in 1984. Having just entered the work force, she buys a Domestobot to run the household. The Domestobot refers to her as Misses Lawrence and a son called Tommy, although this may be down to limited dialogue of the Domestobot. Appears in: VCS
Pu Ling Pu Ling supplies cars to Uncle Fu, with Fu sending the protagonist to collect a car from Ling. Ling resides in San Andreas. Appears in: 1

Clarence Little
Clarence Little is a twenty-three year old drug dealer based in East Holland, Liberty City. He can be killed by Niko Bellic, on orders from Francis McReary. Niko can let him survice, with Niko meeting him again and being threatend by Clarence, leading to Niko killing Clarence. Voiced by: Jerry Clicquot.
Appears in: IV
Little Devil Little Devil is a deceased member of the Grove Street Families. He died prior to 1992. Appears in: SA
Little Lion Little Lion is a member of the San FierroTriads. He performs a fly-by on a freight ship run by the Da Nang Boys. He is seemingly killed when the helicopter is shot down with an RPG. Appears in: SA
Little Weasel Little Weasel is a member of the Ballas gang in Los Santos who is killed by Carl Johnson and Big Smoke. He may have been a high ranking member within the gang. His funeral takes place during the mission Los Sepulcros. Appears in: SA
Queen Lizzy Queen Lizzy is a high ranking member of the Uptown Yardies. When the Diablos make comments about her, the Yardies begin a gang war with them. Appears in: III
Hung Lo Hung Lo is, in 1998, a resident of Liberty City. Appears in: LCS
Lodov Lodov (born February 15, 1961 in Siberia) is a Russian criminal based in Anywhere City and the boyfriend of Shagski. He has an extensive criminal history and was almost hanged for killing a KGB agent. He has worked as a CIA double agent. Appears in: 2
Arden Long Arden Long is, in 1998, a resident of Liberty City. Appears in: LCS
Long Wang Long Wang is a resident of San Andreas who works for Uncle Fu. Appears in: 1

Luis Fernando Lopez
Luis Fernando Lopez is the twenty-five year old Dominican bodyguard of club owner and Ancelotti associate Anthony Prince. Appears in: IV
Mona Lott Mona Lott is a prostitute in Liberty City in 1998. She works for Joseph Daniel O'Toole at the Paulie's Revue Bar. She is later seen being picked up by Giovanni Casa. Appears in: LCS

Donald Love
Donald Love is a media mogul and real estate magnate who owns Love Media. His had lived in Vice City with his mentor, Avery Carrington. By 1998 he had become a successful businessman but when running for Mayor of Liberty City he went bankrupt. He regained his fortune by developing the destroyed Fort Staunton. He hires Toni Cipriani in 1998 and Claude in 2001. Love is also a cannibal and at least planned to eat the corpses of Avery and Liberty Tree reporter Ned Burner. Voiced by: Kyle MacLachlan and Will Janowitz.
Appears in: III, VC and LCS

Eddie Low
Eddie Low is a thirty-two year old pedophile and necrophiliac, bisexual serial killer. He meets Niko Bellic twice, first having Niko accompany him to the docks to dispose of a package. They meet again, where Low pulls a knife on Niko, forcing Niko to execute him. Voiced by: Victor Verhaeghe.
Appears in: IV
Lord Lucan Lord Lucan is a resident of London who the protagonist drives to a plastic surgeons. Appears in: L 1969 and L 1961
Lorraine Lorraine is one of the fictional stars in the television show Swapmeet. Appears in: LCS
Luke Luke is the host of Fresh 105 in Vice City in 1984. He calls himself a renegade and promises to never sell the station, but by 1986 he had sold the station. Voiced by: Luther R. Campbell.
Appears in: VCS
Mark Lupisella Mark Lupisella is a fifty year old associate of the Lupisella Family and nephew of the families Don, Vincent Lupisella. Appears in: IV
Vincent Lupisella Vincent Lupisella is the seventy-eight year old Don of the Lupisella Family in 2008. He started the family and lives in Liberty City. He is the uncle of Mark Lupisella. Appears in: IV
John Boy Lurie John Boy Lurie is a member of the Rednecks gang in Anywhere City. Appears in: 2

Glenn Lushbaugh
Glenn Lushbaugh is a criminal in Liberty City who is wanted by the LCPD for human trafficking. He can be killed by Niko Bellic, depending on the players choice. Appears in: IV

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