Bobcat XL

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Bobcat XL
A Bobcat XL in Grand Theft Auto V.
(Rear quarter view)
A Bobcat XL in Grand Theft Auto V.
Appearance(s) GTA V
Vehicle type Civilian truck
Body style 2-door extended cab pickup truck
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)
Manufacturer Vapid

The Vapid Bobcat XL is a pickup truck in Grand Theft Auto V. Like the Bobcat from Grand Theft Auto IV, the Bobcat XL is based on the 1985 Chevrolet C-10; however the Bobcat XL has a longer wheelbase and larger cargo bed. The rear wheel wells suggests that the Bobcat XL has a dual rear wheel axle; however, the truck only has a single rear wheel axle, although the rear tires are wider than the front. Like the Declasse Rancher in GTA IV, the Bobcat XL can appear with or without a camper shell. All Bobcat XLs are equipped with a grille guard.