Park Ranger

Park Ranger
The Park Ranger in GTA V..
The Park Ranger in GTA V..
(Rear quarter view)
The Park Ranger in GTA V..
Appearance(s) GTA V
Vehicle type Law enforcement SUV
Body style Four-door SUV
Capacity 4 (driver and three passengers)
Manufacturer Declasse

The Park Ranger is a modified Declasse Granger used by the San Andreas Park Ranger in San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V.



The front of the vehicle features a large push bar and black plastic front bumper. The front also features a large main grille with chrome edges and a horizontal strip that continues through the headlights. The hood sports a raised area with edges that follow the grille.

The vehicle is equipped with steps for passengers to step on. The color is always the same, a white body with horizontal green strips on the side. There is a LED light bar on the top of the vehicle, above the front row, similar to other emergency vehicles. The roof is also equipped with roof rails along the side for officers to hold onto and fire a one-handed weapon. There is another black, plastic bumper in the back.

The design resembles the United States Park Ranger vehicles.


The performance of the Park Ranger is identical to its civilian counterpart, the Granger, but is more durable, as it is an emergency vehicle.


Notable owner

Joe and Josef use a Park Ranger SUV as their patrol vehicle while hunting for "illegal immigrants".

See also

  • FIB SUV: law enforcement variant used by the LSPD NOOSE.
  • Sheriff SUV: law enforcement variant used by the Blaine County Sheriff's Department.
  • Lifeguard: emergency services variant used by the Los Santos County Lifeguard.