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Street names are a relatively cosmetic aspect of Grand Theft Auto games that were first used in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to define more prominent landmarks in the city, with the concept utilized to a similar degree in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. In those games, only a handful of streets were identified by name.

Due to the increased level of detail, nearly all streets in Grand Theft Auto IV have names, which are are supposedly useful for locating landmarks and completing vehicle-theft missions, however names are not labeled on the in-game map so players need to use the printed, unindexed street map that comes with the game to locate a specific street. There are no street signs visible, either. Many streets and roads in Grand Theft Auto V are also named, but only major highways have signage. GTA V also introduces numbered state and federal highways; however, in-game, they are referred to by their local road name instead of their number, with Route 68 as the only exception. If the player zooms in close enough on the in-game map, street and road names are highlighted beside the neighbourhood name.

3D Universe

Liberty City

  • East Monroe Avenue, Staunton Island[1]
  • Fairbanks Avenue, Shoreside Vale[1]
  • Portland Boulevard, Portland[1]
  • West Front Street, Portland[1]

Vice City

Washington Avenue (right) and Ocean Drive (left) in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
Vice City

San Andreas

Los Santos
  • Broadway, Los Santos: Mentioned on signage of Ugaladajara Jewelry Plaza, specifically stating being located on the southern stretch of the road.
  • Dix Road, Los Santos: Mentioned on BF Motors and De Koch advertising in GTA San Andreas' PlayStation 2 manual.
  • Grove Street, Los Santos. One of the few street names with a plot-related connection.
  • Saints Boulevard, Los Santos: Mentioned on East Beach's prominent street arch.
  • San Peeso Street, Los Santos: Mentioned on Pik N' Go Market signage.
  • Temple Drive, Los Santos: Mentioned as the street where the Temple Drive Families take their name from.
San Fierro
Las Venturas
Note: numerous other street names such as Vinewood Boulevard have been attributed to other streets in walkthroughs and other online sources.

HD Universe

Liberty City

In Grand Theft Auto IV, some street names in Liberty City have certain themes associated to them. In Algonquin, the east-west streets are named after minerals, gems, and metals; north-south streets named after American cities, usually capital cities. In Broker, the east-west streets are named after famous cowboys; north-south streets are named after American Indian tribes. In Dukes, the east-west streets are named after leaders in the American Revolution; north-south streets are named after Revolutionary War battles. In Bohan, east-west streets are named after break dance moves; north-south streets are named after prisons. In Alderney, north of the Hickey Bridge, streets are named after mountains; between the Booth Tunnel and Hickey Bridge, streets are named after cult leaders; between the industrial district and Booth Tunnel, streets are named after famous inventors and some tools.[2]

Broker and Dukes

  • Erie Ave
  • Franklin St
  • Freetown Ave
  • Garrett St
  • Gibson St
  • Hancock St
  • Hardin St
  • Harrison St
  • Hewes St
  • Hickock St
  • Hooper St
  • Howard St
  • Huntington St
  • Inchon Ave
  • Iroquois Ave
  • James St
  • Ketchum St
  • Kid St
  • Livingston St
  • Lynch St
  • Masterson St
  • Middleton Lane
  • Mohanet Ave
  • Mohawk Ave
  • Mohegan Ave
  • Montauk Ave
  • Morris St
  • Munsee Ave
  • Oakley St
  • Oneida Ave
  • Onion St
  • Onondaga Ave

  • Pancho St
  • Parr St
  • Ringo St
  • San Jacinto Ave
  • Saponi Ave
  • Saratoga Avenue
  • Savannah Ave
  • Seneca Ave
  • Seymour Ave
  • Shinnecock Ave
  • Starr St
  • Stillwater Ave
  • Stone St
  • Sundance St
  • Thornton St
  • Tinconderoga Ave
  • Trenton Ave
  • Tulsa St
  • Tudor St
  • Tuscarora Ave
  • Tutelo Ave
  • Valley Forge Ave
  • Walton Lane
  • Wappinger Ave
  • Wenrohronon Ave
  • Yorktown Ave



  • Alcatraz Ave
  • Altona Ave
  • Applejack St
  • Attica Ave
  • Beaumont Ave
  • Bronco St
  • Butterfly St
  • Caterpillar St
  • Darkhammer St
  • Downrock Loop
  • Drill St
  • Drop St
  • Elbow St
  • Flanger St

  • Folsom Way
  • Gainer St
  • Grand Boulevard
  • Greene Ave
  • Guantanamo Ave
  • Hollowback St
  • Jackhammer St
  • Joliet St
  • Leavenworth Ave
  • Lompoc Ave
  • Lotus St
  • Mill St
  • Planche St
  • Rocket St

  • Rykers Ave
  • San Quentin Ave
  • Sing Sing Ave
  • Spin St
  • Switch St
  • Turtle St
  • Uprock St
  • Valdez St
  • Wallkill Ave
  • Windmill St
  • Worm St





  • Panhandle Rd
  • Percell Rd
  • Phalanx Rd
  • Plumbbob Ave
  • Praetorian Ave
  • Rael Ave
  • Rand Ave
  • Red Wing Ave
  • Roebuck Rd
  • Sacramento Ave
  • Schneider Ave
  • Sculpin Ave
  • Storax Rd
  • Strower Ave
  • Tenmile St
  • Tinderbox Ave
  • Toggle Ave
  • Traeger Rd
  • Trinity Rd
  • Vitullo Ave


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San Andreas

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