Running Dog

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Running Dog
Big Smoke attacking a Los Santos Vagos gangster for slandering him.

Big Smoke attacking a Los Santos Vagos gangster for slandering him.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Big Smoke
Target Los Santos Vagos gangster
Location Idlewood, Los Santos
Reward Respect
Unlocks Wrong Side of the Tracks
Unlocked by OG Loc

Running Dog is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Big Smoke from his house in Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas. This mission introduces the player to the sprinting and jumping mechanics of the game.


Carl goes to Smoke's house. Upon arriving there, he finds Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski leaving his house. Smoke tells Carl that they are trying to extract information from him. Later on, he tells him that his cousin is coming to town. The two drive to a place to meet two Los Santos Vagos gang members. After a short mixed Spanglish conversation, Smoke knocks one out using a baseball bat while the other runs away. Carl manages to catch and kill the other Vagos member.

There is no official stated reason for why everything in this mission took place, it is clear that Big Smoke had no actual intentions of buying any marijuana considering the way he approached the situation, it can be assumed that Big Smoke was hired to take out the two Vagos members for C.R.A.S.H since they had just been speaking to Big Smoke previously, however the reason why is unknown.


Frank Tenpenny: BOO!

Carl Johnson: Asshole.

Frank Tenpenny: Yo Carl, see you around...

Carl Johnson: Fuck they doing here, anyway? Punk-ass police.

Big Smoke: Those nosey motherfuckers won't leave me alone! Think I'm Mr. Big, or something. But I don't tell them shit. For me, it's all about my homeboy, Carl.

Carl Johnson: Yeah, whatever you say.

Big Smoke: Yo, the gang's real important, CJ, you know that! You down to represent, baby?

Carl Johnson: Yeah.

Big Smoke: Look, my cousin is coming into town from Mexico, I gots to go scoop her up.

Carl Johnson: Alright then, c'mon.

(Whilst on the car)

Carl Johnson: What you want me to roll with you for anyway?

Big Smoke: No reason. I just wanted to get in the car pool lane.

Carl Johnson: Oh yeah?

Big Smoke: Yeah man, just cool out, homie, just chill.

Carl Johnson: Your cousin's coming here? From Mexico?

Big Smoke: Yeah, me an' her go way back, way back.

Carl Johnson: Ah Smoke, you full a shit.

Big Smoke: Don't be prejudiced again in my presence, Carl. Everybody is my cousin.

(The two arrive at the place)

Big Smoke: OK, my cousin Mary's in there, sweet sticky bud fresh off the plantation. Here, pull up here, let me do the talking.

Carl Johnson: Man, I shoulda known.

Big Smoke: Hey - excuso me, Jose, yo soy El Grandio Smokio, and I want that grass? Comprende?

(Smoke and Carl laugh)

Vagos #1: Eh, fuck you cabron. (asshole.)

Carl Johnson: What?

Big Smoke: Now that ain't nice. Coughio up el weedo, before I blow your brains out all over the patio.

Vagos #2: Chinga a tu madre, pendejo. (Fuck your mother, dickhead.)

Carl Johnson: Man, let me get the heater on this...

Big Smoke: Fuck this, man, fuck this.

Carl Johnson: Get him, Smoke.

Big Smoke: Yeah, yeah, you go get that shit, nigga...

Vagos #2: (gets hit with a baseball bat) Damn!

Big Smoke: Yeah, motherfucker, Big Smoke! Remember that name!

(Vagos #1 tries to get away, with Carl and Smoke chasing him)

Big Smoke: We gotta stick to him.

(Smoke tires out)

Big Smoke: I ain't built for this shit!


The reward for this mission is increased respect, however the killed Vagos member drops a large sum of money, around $500. The mission Wrong Side of the Tracks is unlocked.


  • This is the only mission for Big Smoke where you aren't required to use a motorbike.
  • Big Smoke's cousin Mary is a reference for the street name for marijuana, Sweet Mary Jane.
  • The mission will be slightly difficult if CJ is overweight.


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