Dam and Blast

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Dam and Blast
Carl Johnson tells Wu Zi Mu and his cohorts about shutting off the power in the Sherman Dam

Carl Johnson tells Wu Zi Mu and his cohorts about shutting off the power in the Sherman Dam
Game GTA San Andreas
For No Boss
Location The Four Dragons Casino, Las Venturas, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks Cop Wheels
Unlocked by Key to Her Heart

Dam and Blast is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson as part of plans to pull off a heist of Caligula's Palace from The Four Dragons Casino, a casino located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


Carl Johnson, having successfully convincing Millie Perkins to date him in order to obtain her keycard, is now positioned to continue preparations for the heist on the main vault of Caligula's Palace. His next step is to establish a means of temporarily cutting the power supply to Las Venturas in order to provide himself and Wu Zi Mu's men with the cover of darkness and the resulting confusion while robbing the safe. To do this, Carl heads out to Sherman Dam, which supplies Las Venturas with hydroelectric power, to plant remotely detonated explosives on the main generators. After sneaking into the dam's facilities and planting the explosives, Carl narrowly escapes capture by performing a swan-dive from one of the dam's control towers into the outlet channel to the south (erroneously labelled as Sherman Reservoir by the game).


Carl Johnson: It seems impossible to keep a secret around here... I would have thought the size of the room would keep the numbers down.

Eavesdropper #1: Hey, speak up! We can't hear you back here!

Carl Johnson: I appreciate your input, but please, fuck off!

Eavesdropper #1: What did he say?

Eavesdropper #2: He said fuck off. C'mon, let's get out of here.

Carl Johnson: Hey, what are you still doing here?

Custodian: I live here.

Carl Johnson: Oh, OK. You can stay.

Custodian: Great.

Guppy: Hey, where's the coffee and doughnuts?

Carl Johnson: OK, look. I'm going to go shut off the city's power source. Woozie, look after these fools for me.

(Carl leaves the room)

Wu Zi Mu: OK...now, the important thing to remember with a plan like this is that...nothing can go wrong.

(Carl flies to Sherman Dam, plants the explosives, and escapes through a control tower)

Carl Johnson: Shit, they must have took a wrong turn someplace! What the f...? Ah shit, somebody done locked the hatch!

Guard: We've got him trapped! There's no way off that ledge.


The reward for completing the mission is an increase in respect. The mission Cop Wheels is unlocked.


  • The two eavesdroppers in this mission (see above dialogue) are the same two men in the mission Madd Dogg and that cajole and taunt Madd Dogg, yelling at him to jump off the building in Las Venturas he is planning to jump from. They are also seen in the Mountain Cloud Boys mission, rooting for their respective bets in the betting shop.One of them is the same eavesdroppers from Liberty City during the Introduction.
  • Despite the game telling you that this entire mission is about stealth, it is still easily beatable should you choose to use your gun and just run in. They will be alerted at the moment, but the outcome of the mission is exactly the same regardless.


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