For the sedan of a similar name in GTA IV, see DF8-90.
A DFT-30 in GTA San Andreas.

The DFT-30 is a flatbed truck appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is a truck that can be used just for fun, as there is nothing really special about it. Its handling and speed is the average for a truck on the game. One fun thing to do however is jump onto the back of the truck while a civilian is driving it, and either tour where he will go or start a rampage on the back of the truck. This is the most ideal vehicle to do this on because it is totally flat.


The DFT-30 is a large and long cab-over flatbed truck, with a cab (which is available only in white) resembling that of a Ford Cargo. However, it is probably more likely, given its size, that it is based on a Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter. As are most trucks in game, the DFT-30 is only capable of seating two. DFT-30s may appear on roadways close to industrial establishments. A DFT-30 can also be found at the north side of a sawmill, in northern Angel Pine.

Missing rear wheel

Rear quarter view of a DFT-30. Note the missing rear wheel.

While the DFT-30 is depicted with a body designed for a six-wheeler truck, the truck has only one rear wheel on its left while its right has two, resulting in a truck that seemingly has only five wheels. This combination has been outlawed in North America, so it is highly probable that this is a minor error or bug, as the player is able to see sparks coming out from the "invisible" tire when it is punctured.

A fix for the PC version is available. The bug has also been officially fixed in the downloadable Xbox 360 version. Strangely, this bug is still present in the iOS and Android versions of the game, although it can still be fixed like with the PC version.


Like the Flatbed, the DFT-30's size makes it slow and less maneuverable; the length of the truck also makes for difficult driving in narrow roadways, and the stiff suspension leaves the truck unstable and susceptible to tipping over when traveling on bumpy grounds.

The truck's flatbed is of little use for transporting vehicles (as the load usually slides to the back whenever the truck moves forward, like the Packer). Despite the inability to attach objects on the flatbed, it can be used for off loading, just as long as the truck doesn't go too fast or too rickety when confronting rough terrains.


  • The default radio station in the DFT-30 is Playback FM.
  • It is possible to ride on the back of the truck without the player floating backwards or falling off/over. It also can provide a steady gunning platform, as all of the back is completely flat and wide.