A stationary Airtrain at Escobar International Airport.

The Airtrain (name based on the model file) or Aeroplane (name based on the texture file) is a three-engined passenger airplane that appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Airtrain is a prop that takes the appearance of a Boeing 727. In GTA III and GTA Vice City, the Airtrain is not solid. Simply spawning the Airtrain using trainers or modifications will crash the game. The Airtrain's flight path is determined by the flight1.dat file. In GTA Liberty City Stories it is solid, however, touching it (except the wings) will kill the player and destroy their vehicle. In GTA Vice City Stories it is still solid, but touching it doesn't kill the player. Instead the player will lose health. In contrast to previous games it appeared in, the plane can be entered in GTA Vice City Stories due to a bug. If entered, the player doesn't have any control of it, but can change the radio stations.


  • The Airtrain in GTA San Andreas is revealed to have performance stats similar to drivable vehicles in the game (see vehicle stats in GTA San Andreas), but does not appear in the final build of the game. This suggests the vehicle was originally to be developed into a controllable vehicle, but was dropped during development, with the AT-400 succeeding the Airtrain. However, leftovers of the Airtrain can be found within game files, such as its (untextured) model and the aforementioned handling code.
  • In GTA Liberty City Stories, if the player is driving a vehicle toward the Airtrain, and bails out, the vehicle will not explode after crashing into the Airtrain. However, re-entering the vehicle will detonate it, and the player will die or lose a lot of Health.