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The player on an NRG-500 in GTA San Andreas.
The player on an NRG-500 in GTA San Andreas.
The player on an NRG-500 in GTA San Andreas.
Appearance(s) GTA San Andreas
Vehicle type Civilian motorcycle
Body style Sports (racing) motorcycle
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)

The NRG-500 is a superbike featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



The NRG-500 is a racing motorcycle appearing to be tailored for Grand Prix racing. As such, the bike is designed with a highly sporty design, complete with sponsorship stickers, a racing number, and racing slicks. The bike is implied to be based on a 1984-2002 Honda NSR500 race motorcycle in design and name. The NRG-500 comes with a selection of two-toned body colours, but the racing number always has a yellow backing. It might also rarely spawn with an all-red coloration.

Like most sports bikes in the game, the NRG-500 comes with several design variations, including two bodykit designs (one with a more pointed profile and side airvents, and one with a rounded profile and no side airvents), two exhaust pipe configurations (one on the right side and one on the tip of the bike's tail, or one on both sides), and three side exhaust pipe designs (single port, dual port and dual port with separate mufflers).


Since the NRG-500 is a racing bike, the vehicle is by far the best motorcycle available in GTA San Andreas, with the best top speed, acceleration, cornering and braking within its class. The only distinctive downside of the bike is its powerful rear torque, which may occasionally force the bike into a wheelie position, momentarily making the bike less controllable. Because of its raw power, this bike is arguably the best choice for most the stunt jumps, because majority of the stunt jumps are very difficult to complete with a car or other vehicles, and NRG-500 combines a motorbike's handling and a sports car's speed. The slower motorbikes such as the Sanchez or BF-400 don't necessarily have enough speed to make it to the landing zones of some of the stunt jumps.


  • The name is a homophone of "energy".
  • All NRG-500s bare the racing number "46", which is the same racing number adopted by Valentino Rossi as a matter of preference throughout his career. Interestingly, Rossi had also ridden a Honda NSR500 during the 2001 500 cc World Championship.
  • It is possible that the NRG-500 is manufactured by Shitzu, as the NRG 900 from GTA IV is manufactured by this company.
  • Unusually for a racing motorbike, the NRG-500 is equipped with functional head- and taillights.
  • One of the stickers on the NRG-500 reads "ICHIFANI", which may be pronounced as "itchy fanny", yet another sexual innuendo joke from Rockstar.
  • The NRG-500 plays SF-UR by default.


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