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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has events that take place in 1992, in the state of San Andreas, modeled after the states of California and Nevada in the U.S., and is inspired from the 1992 Los Angeles riots, ghetto-based films such as "Boyz N The Hood" and "Menace To Society" and gangsta rap groups like N.W.A.



Five years ago, Carl "CJ" Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas... a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption; where film stars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers. Now, it's the early 90s. Carl's got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster. On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. Carl is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets.

Prior Events

Carl was born and raised in Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos, living in the their house with his mother Beverly Johnson, his brothers Sean "Sweet" Johnson and Brian Johnson, and his sister Kendl Johnson. Sweet and Carl joined the Grove Street Families gang as kids, and Sweet became the leader of the gang. Gradually, the Grove Street Families gained power in Los Santos, although their enemies, the Ballas and Los Santos Vagos continued to cause damage to them. However, the entry of corrupt officers Frank Tenpenny and Edward "Eddie" Pulaski of the community policing unit C.R.A.S.H. began to severely impact the Families, since Tenpenny entered into a full-swing alliance with the Ballas, and began cooperating with them.

In 1987, Carl's brother Brian died, and Carl, upon being blamed by Sweet for negligence in trying to save Brian, was forced to leave his hometown Los Santos and move to Liberty City, where he started working as a car thief for Joey Leone. At this time, the Grove Street Families began losing power, eventually losing turf to Ballas and the Los Santos Vagos, and they split up to three sets, the original Grove Street Families ruling Ganton, the Seville Boulevard Families having control of Playa del Seville and the Temple Drive Families mainly establishing themselves in Temple and Santa Maria Beach. All the other territories were being controlled by Ballas and Vagos, who were interested in drug trade, instead of the Families, who never sold drugs due to Sweet's ban on narcotics. Eventually, high-ranking Grove Street Families member Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, under duress from Tenpenny and Pulaski, secretly defected to the Ballas out of greed in hopes of heading up a drug trade ring that would fetch him high money and power, and began a deal with suppliers from San Fierro, who were leaders of the Loco Syndicate, the largest drug cartel in San Andreas. Shortly later, he failed to convince Sweet, but was able to add fellow high-ranking Grove Street Families member Lance "Ryder" Wilson to his drug ring alliance, which was also expanded to include the Los Santos Vagos, who had similar interests in drug trade, along with the Russian Mafia, who would provide protection and arms. Through ties with the Loco Syndicate, the serving gang, San Fierro Rifa, was also included in the alliance.

In early 1992, the Ballas, in cooperation with Smoke and Tenpenny, plotted Sweet's death, which could gain them the eventual capture of Ganton and the ultimate fall of the Grove Street Families. They decided to do a drive-by shooting on the Johnson House, and they used a green Sabre for the getaway. However, Sweet survived, with Beverly being caught in the cross fire instead. This forced Carl to return from Liberty City to Los Santos for her funeral.

Arrival in Los Santos

Shortly after Carl arrives at the airport, a taxi transports him back to his old hood, although, one block away from Grove Street, a police car arrives and arrests Carl. The three cops that take away Carl are revealed to be Tenpenny, Pulaski and C.R.A.S.H. rookie Jimmy Hernandez. They blame Carl for the death of former C.R.A.S.H. officer Ralph Pendelbury, who they killed instead to prevent him from exposing their corrupt activities, and take most of Carl's money, leaving him to Ballas territory.

Carl finds the way to his old hood, where he enters Beverly's house, and meets Smoke, who discusses the tragic incident with him and offers to take him to Beverly's funeral. They head to the funeral, where they meet the rest of the gang, comprising Sweet, Ryder and Kendl. Sweet, however, doesn't seem to be happy with his brother's arrival, because he thinks Carl "ran away". After the funeral, they are planning to enter Smoke's car, although the Ballas blow it up during a surprise drive-by. The gang then leaves with a few bicycles, with the Ballas car chasing Carl. When they arrive at Grove Street, Carl decides to stay in Los Santos, seeing things are "fucked up".

After paying a short visit to Ryder, Carl willingly co-operates with him, Sweet and Smoke to strengthen the gang again, by eliminating crack dealers who sell cocaine to GSF members, buying weapons from former arms affiliate Emmet, spraying enemy gang tags with the Grove sign, and doing drive-bys in Ballas territory, while also saving the Grove Street Families from a hit by the Ballas, wherein everybody else is upset with Smoke's reluctance to attack the Ballas. After this, Carl saves Sweet from a surprise retaliation by the Seville Boulevard Families to which his girlfriend belongs, and is introduced to Mexican-American Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando, Kendl's boyfriend, with whom he later becomes good friends after winning a lowrider contest and competes in an illegal yet friendly street race. Further, Carl carries out missions with Ryder, stealing guns for the gang by any means necessary, with Smoke, picking up aspiring rapper and part-time Families affiliate Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross and attacking enemy gangs by means of multiple confrontations which actually tend to arouse suspicions in Carl's mind about Smoke's true allegiance, and with Loc, helping him start his career and establish himself as a rapper through multiple activities which also involve direct attacks on the business circles of budding gangsta rapper Madd Dogg. Sometime later, Tenpenny re-appears, having Carl kill some Vagos and torch a house, where he finds his first girlfriend, Denise Robinson, after rescuing her from the burning house. Tenpenny also has Carl interrupt a meeting between the Ballas and the Russians and kill them.

After the Ballas attack Ganton during Loc's apparent "swan song" before his possible return to prison and Carl kills them and keeps the area for the Families, Sweet has more trust to him, and has him buy guns and attack and take over the quintessential Kilo Tray Ballas territory, Glen Park. The gang also hits the Ballas by killing Front Yard set leader Kane in the cemetery, along with other Ballas members. Carl succeeds in weakening the Ballas, and also tries with Sweet, Smoke and Ryder to reunite the three sets of the Families, although they are attacked by the police and they escape after a long chase.

Carl's respect is upgraded, and Sweet decides to hit the Ballas hard. He makes an army of Families members to engage in a deadly shootout with the Ballas in the parking lot under the Mulholland Intersection. However, Cesar phones Carl mid-way and informs him to meet him quickly, because he saw something weird. After Carl comes over to Cesar, he realizes that Smoke, and a rather unnoticed Ryder, are allied with the Ballas, are fiercely loyal to Tenpenny, and were also involved in Beverly's death. He realizes that Sweet is walking into a trap, and quickly goes to the parking lot under the Mulholland Intersection to save his brother. When he arrives there, he finds out Sweet is heavily injured, and more Ballas are coming. After Carl kills them all, the police arrives and arrests Sweet and Carl. Sweet is being held in a prison hospital awaiting trial, while Carl finds himself in a car with Tenpenny and Pulaski, miles away from Los Santos, in a countryside village amid a massive mountain. Tenpenny and Pulaski order Carl not to return to Los Santos, otherwise Sweet will be put in a Ballas cell-block in jail.

Whetstone, Flint County, & Red County

Faced with a serious threat from Tenpenny and Pulaski this time around, Carl kills an agent threatening to reveal their secrets to the authorities. Carl also meets Cesar's cousin Catalina, and they perform a robbery together. Next, he also meets an aging hippie called The Truth, who deals in drugs and has Tenpenny as a customer. He has Carl steal a combine harvester from a ranch farm belonging to survivalists and deliver it back to him, and says he will call when the weed is ready. Carl insists Cesar to leave Los Santos with Kendl, as the Grove Street Families and Varrios Los Aztecas, the latter of whom are sworn enemies of the Vagos, are both disbanded and their territories taken over by the Ballas and Vagos, and he rents them a trailer home in Angel Pine, a small town in the countryside, where he meets them only for Cesar to explode into fury upon Smoke's betrayal to Tenpenny and Pulaski. Later, he meets up again with Catalina after parting ways with Kendl and Cesar, and performs three more robberies to make money, while she exercises BDSM on him and gets mad at him just like that. After meeting blind Chinese-American San Fierro Triads leader Wu Zi "Woozie" Mu through Cesar and beating him in a car race which ends in them forming a busniess relationship, and later Catalina, who breaks up with him, and her new boyfriend in a reversed race, he gains a deed to a garage in San Fierro. Quicly enough, The Truth calls Carl, informing him to come and collect his money, although Tenpenny tips off the cops about the weed farm, and Carl and The Truth torch it to the ground and also blow up a police helicopter with a rocket launcher, and leave with the marijuana to San Fierro.

San Fierro

Once in San Fierro, Carl finds that the garage is defunct, but Kendl, who has joined him with Cesar, calms him down and tells him that they can make it into a succesful chop shop. Moved by this, The Truth helps Carl employ some of his acquaintances. Carl next plants the drugs that he and The Truth took to a D.A's car, thus having the D.A., who was causing Tenpenny and Pulaski problems, arrested by the police. Carl also steers clear of some construction workers behind the garage when they call Kendl names.

Cesar soon calls Carl and informs him of a Ballas car seen leaving the Mulholland Intersection and heading towards the countryside. They follow it and it leads them to Angel Pine, where they take photos of Ryder, who Carl realizes is now in league with the Ballas and is Smoke's lieutenant, and a few other men. The other three guys, as it turns out, are the heads of the Loco Syndicate. Carl decides to kill the heads, concierge Jizzy B., who is the biggest pimp in town, muscle-man "T-Bone" Mendez, the leader of the local Rifa, and leader de mysterio Michael "Mike" Toreno. Before doing that, he gains Jizzy's trust by doing pimping missions for him and helping Jizzy and Mendez recover drugs from an ambushed consignment which arrived for them, rescuing Toreno in the company of Mendez from an ambush by The Da Nang Boys, and escorting a fresh drug consignment to safety in the Syndicate's drug factory. Meanwhile, Carl also helps one of his garage recruits, Zero, block attacks from the latter's arch-nemesis, Berkley, completely destroy Berkley's business and throw him out of San Fierro for good, and kills a reporter and his target informer for Tenpenny and Pulaski. After Carl kills Jizzy, he and Cesar, with help from Woozie, interrupt a meeting between the Ballas and the Rifa, and kill Mendez and Ryder. Expecting to destroy the syndicate ultimately, Carl blows up a helicopter presumably with Toreno inside, and destroys the yay factory in Doherty using a car bomb. He also works for Woozie's Triads, helping him defeat the rival Vietnamese gang, called the Da Nang Boys, and making a friendship with him and fellow affiliate Ran Fa "Farlie" Li through various jobs for them and invading the Da Nang Boys' ship. Carl and Cesar then turn the garage into a successful business by stealing fast cars and delivering them to the place.

Tierra Robada & Bone County

An unknown caller asks Carl to come to his ranch in Tierra Robada, claiming that he has information about his brother. After Carl arrives there, he first goes through a time-trial in a monster truck and, later, finds out that the unknown man is actually Toreno, who was very much alive despite the attempt on his life. Toreno reveals to Carl that he is an undercover government agent spying on criminal operations and that the Loco Syndicate was a farce to pull him out of financial troubles with his spy operations. For redemption, he asks Carl to help him steal a rigged tanker with help from an unsuspecting Cesar, warning him not to inform Cesar. Over the next visit, Toreno reveals that Sweet is in a cell between two psychopaths, and that Tenpenny and Pulaski killed Pendelbury and then blamed Carl for the murder. Toreno, then, has him perform tasks for him, most importantly purchasing an abandoned airstrip and aircraft graveyard and learning to fly planes and helicopters, in order to get Sweet out of jail, as Toreno promised. However, the assignments get aggressively dangerous with Carl first performing a low-altitude under-the-radar airdrop across the countryside outline and later bombing a plane full of rival agents. During the next two visits, however, Toreno disappears, and instead, The Truth, who reveals to Carl that he knows about Toreno, allows him a fair chance to redeem himself by first stealing an all important covert jetpack and soon using the jetpack to steal a mysterious vial of blob-and-slime.

Las Venturas

Woozie, now settled well with a casino in Las Venturas, asks Carl to come and visit him. As Carl arrives there, Woozie informs him of a big plan: robbing the rival Caligula's Palace which is run by the Italian mob. Carl firstly gathers intelligence on the families through a thug named Johnny Sindacco, and next steals colossal bundles of dynamite from the Hunter Quarry. Next, he gets rid of plastic coins being supplied to Woozie's office which are being manufactured by the mob and is then told to pick up two stranded musicians who later direct him to Caligula's Palace. The musicians, record producer Kent Paul and lead singer Maccer of British band The Gurning Chimps, have a connection through the former to disbarred former lawyer Ken "Rosie" Rosenberg, who runs Caligula's Palace as a manager. Carl helps Rosie, Paul and Maccer sort out problems with the Sindacco family by saving Johnny from Forelli thugs and escorting him to the Sindacco meat abattoir and later saving Rosie himself from the Sindaccos who he kills in Rosie's defense after they hold the duo liable when Johnny dies from a shock-induced heart attack upon seeing Carl. Learning that the trio have fallen prey to a new threat, Carl gains the trust of mob boss Salvatore Leone, who, as Don, has taken the trio hostage, by carrying out hits on the Forelli mob families, and then he and the Triads rob the casino after a well-thought and done plan, firstly stealing the plans for the casino, then stealing the swipe card for the casino from Caligula's Palace croupier Millie Perkins, a prostitute who becames Carl's girlfriend, cutting off the electricity in the Sherman Dam, stealing some HPV1000 police bikes for the getaway, highjacking an armored van using a Leviathan helicopter and respraying it with the Caligula's Casino logo, and finally robbing the casino with huge profits for Carl and Woozie. Eventually, Woozie offers Carl a share in his casino profits. Unfortunately, however, Tenpenny and Pulaski have lost their cool by this time, and confront him at their house in Prickle Pine, with orders to kill an FBI agent and get a dossier from the dead agent who was supposed to meet a DEA officer. At this time, Hernandez is not with the team, and has probably relayed to the authorities about Tenpenny and Pulaski's corrupt operations. When Tenpenny finds this out, he calls Carl and orders him to meet him in a ghost town in the desert, in a totally abandoned place. There, Carl hands the dossier to Tenpenny, who then hits Hernandez with a shovel and leaves him for dead. Tenpenny also orders Pulaski to kill Carl, but Hernandez suddenly gets up, Pulaski shoots and kills him, but Carl takes his weapon and starts chasing Pulaski in the desert. When Pulaski is nearly dead, he disrespects Carl wanting to have sex with Kendl. Carl, infuriated, brutally kicks him in the head and kills him. Also, Carl is introduced to rapper Madd Dogg, who he rescues from suicide, then helping him take his mansion in Los Santos back from the Vagos, marking Carl's return to Los Santos.

Return to Los Santos

Toreno re-appears with one last string, and he orders Carl to steal a military aircraft from a naval station, and use it to destroy spy planes and ships. After Carl does that, he threatens to kill Toreno, although Toreno reveals that he has fulfilled his promise and Sweet is now free. Carl finally meets Sweet, who is not happy with Carl's new lifestyle. Agreeing to prove his loyalty, Carl takes back Ganton and Grove Street from the Ballas, re-establishing the old gang. The Johnson brothers now begin an open war on the Ballas and Vagos, taking almost all of Los Santos from them. Also, Carl retrieves Madd Dogg's rhymebook from Loc.

Tenpenny is put in court for several charges, but is acquitted due to lack of evidence. After hearing this, the whole city of Los Santos erupts in riots. Carl, firstly, helps Cesar take his hood back from the Vagos, and finally, goes with Sweet to confront and kill Big Smoke in his crack palace. Carl enters the building, fighting his way through Ballas, Vagos, Rifas and Russians, and finally confronts Smoke, and kills him after a gunfight in his room. Then, Tenpenny appears infuriated in front of Carl, tells him he is leaving San Andreas, and shoots him, although Carl skips the shot. Tenpenny then sets the building on fire and leaves. Carl is again forced to fight his way out, and finally escapes when the building explodes. Tenpenny tries to leave with a firetruck, but Sweet hangs on the back and Carl follows him. As Sweet loses his grip, Carl rescues him by putting his car right behind the firetruck, so he falls inside the car. Sweet takes the wheel, and Carl acts as the shooter, eliminating countless enemies who try to destroy their car, while Sweet chases Tenpenny's firetruck. Finally, Tenpenny loses control, the firetruck falls down and he dies in the heart of Grove Street. The riots pause, and all go inside Carl's house to celebrate their final win, and Madd Dogg's new record. As Carl goes out, Kendl asks him where he is going, to which Carl responds: "Fittin' to hit the block, see what's happening". Then, the credits roll and the game ends on a peaceful note as the riots subside.