Mallorie Bardas

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Mallorie Bardas
Promotional artwork featuring Mallorie Bardas

Mallorie Bardas-Bellic is the twenty-nine year old fiancée, then wife, of Roman Bellic. In GTA IV, she worked for Roman at his taxi depot in Hove Beach.

Mallorie was born in Puerto Rico, later moving to South Bohan, Bohan, Liberty City. She has been arrested on two occasions: in 1998 for joyriding and in 2002 for being in possession of a controlled substance (namely marijuana).


Mallorie is voiced by Elena Harvey Hurst.

Storyline in GTA IV

In 2008 (the setting of Grand Theft Auto IV), Roman's cousin Niko discovers that she is having an affair with Vladimir Glebov. Although Niko warns Vlad multiple times to stay away from her, Vlad blows off the threats. Eventually Roman sees Vlad's car parked outside of Mallorie's place and puts two and two together. Roman goes to Niko for support, but when Niko reveals that he had suspicions of the affair, it only makes Roman feel more upset and betrayed. Feeling bad about not informing Roman or doing more to stop the affair, Niko decides that it's time to deal with Vlad once and for all, and the cousins head to Comrades to put a final end to both Vlad and the affair. Although at the time Roman seems to want a peaceful solution to the problem and calls Niko a "hot headed chump" after he puts a bullet in Vlad's forehead; later in the game he tells Mallorie that it was him, not Niko, that killed Vlad in a jealous fit of rage.

Later in the game after Dimitri has Roman's taxi depot and apartment destroyed, Mallorie allows Roman and Niko to stay at her flat in south Bohan, and introduces Niko to Manny Escuela and Elizabeta Torres. At the end of the game she marries Roman at a church in Suffolk and reveals that she is pregnant. In the Revenge ending of the game, Roman and Mallorie tell Niko that if they have a daughter, they will name her Kate, after the late Kate McReary. During the Deal ending, Mallorie is left a widow and tells Niko that her child will struggle without a father.