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Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Bao


Nationality Chinese

An example of Baos' work at NUCA in GTA IV.

Bao, also stylized as [BAO], is a character in the HD Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Character history

Bao is a Chinese who prominently produces art by way of two pandas.

Bao's method of producing artwork is significantly unorthodox, forcing two pandas to paint for him by singing, shouting, screaming, and beating the pandas for hours until they cover a canvas with paint. Boa justifies his use of animals by claiming in his autobiography that "creativity should be raw and animalistic", adding that men are "mere robots programmed to conform to a pre-determined interpretation of the world", while pandas are "untainted by the collective weight of human conscience".

Excerpts of his work can be found posted along the walls of the National Union of Contemporary Arts courtyard in GTA IV, circa 2008. His exhibition at NUCA is also announced at

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