Marty Daniels

Marty Daniels is a character mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV. Marty was a classmate of Brucie Kibbutz, and allegedly teased Brucie for being overweight and weak.[1] Now every time Brucie has sex with a woman, he claims to see Marty's face and laughs at him, because he has become more successful than Marty.[2] What happened to Marty, however, is unknown.


  1. From Brucie's friendship:
    Brucie Kibbutz: "Yeah, man. Back when I was fat and had a weak jaw. I probably would have bullied me too. Fucking Marty Daniels pointing at me and laughing. Captain of the fucking football team, man."
  2. From Brucie's friendship:
    Brucie Kibbutz: "Whenever I'm fucking a hot model, I see his face. Not laughing at me now, are you? Nothing funny about the way Brucie rolls now, is there, fucker?"