Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Shirley


Gender Gender::Female
Date of Death 2008 (before third random encounter)
Home Liberty City
Family Jeff (husband)

Shirley is a character who appears in Grand Theft Auto IV. Shirley is the wife of Jeff, and they have one son together. They probably married later in life, because Shirley mentions being impressed by Jeff's black credit card when they were first dating.

Niko first encounters Jeff while he is on the streets of north Algonquin, spying on his wife while she is inside his friend's house. He asks Niko to tail them and send him a cell phone picture. Shirley and the man take a short drive in a Feltzer to the Superstar Café.

While dining on the second floor, Shirley confides in the man her newfound fear of Jeff, particularly that he tests her underwear for DNA samples and wants to install a tracking device in her. Though the man is clearly trying to flatter his way into bed with her, she is seemingly oblivious to it. Niko sends Jeff the cell phone picture, but tries to vouch for Shirley's innocence to no avail.

Over the course of a few days, perhaps weeks, Jeff stabs Shirley fifty times with a kitchen knife in a fit of jelous rage, hides her dead body in the back of a Blista Compact, and pays Niko $5,000 to dump the body and car. Niko runs into Jeff by chance a third time, who is spying on his new wife in the exact same manner. Niko refuses to get involved again, after which Jeff is ran over and killed by a British man in a yellow Turismo.


  • It's possible for the player to kill Shirley. All the player has to do is kill Shirley on Jeff's first random mission.