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Candice Johnson is a journalist for Public Liberty Online in Grand Theft Auto IV. She writes many articles for PLO' website

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Bridge Over the River, Why?

Police state continues following Broker Bridge Massacre

Activists are outraged at what the blogosphere has dubbed the "Broker Bridge Massacre." Members of the media and activist groups charged into police headquarters to hear talking head Police Commissioner for Public Affairs, Tom Pireni, attempt to deflect complaints of brutality. In a slick propaganda slideshow and musical performance targeted to sooth activists, the show did nothing but enrage them. We should be able to do anything and go anywhere we want. What do we need police for?

Police brutality must stop. Searches and seizures must stop, especially among epileptics. And those announcements in the subway are creepy. What year are we in? 1984? Bloggers unite. Only by complaining to each other in the cold, hollow halls of cyberspace can we stop this police brutality.