Mark Tenninch

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A picture in Comrades Bar in which he appears

Mark Tenninch is the name used by a male user in Grand Theft Auto IV. No matter how many times Niko Bellic contacts him, he will never date him.

Love-meet profile

  • Quote: OOOOO-Oooo-ahhhh-ah-ah
  • Age: 28
  • Loc: Liberty City
  • Job: Animator
  • Sexuality: Aren't we all God's children?
  • Build: Silverback
  • About Me: I was born in the wild forests of southern Africa, until the white man came and we were forced to flee from our natural habitat. I wandered north, learned how to use basic tools and in short time, became an animator.
  • Likes: Ironing, particularly the little-known sport, Extreme Ironing - 'Get the creases out, or get out'- we iron under extreme circumstances, such as up a mountain or in a blizzard. If you're impressed, you should be. I also enjoy bee keeping (or, 'apiculture), people might laugh at me, but chicks dig the mask and the great big gloves.
  • Dislikes: People who think it's wrong to paint tiny swastikas on the pelts of bees. But is it so wrong? Is it? Is it wrong to tickle snakes? Is it wrong to taunt badgers? What does 'wrong' really mean anyway? Isn't 'wrong' just 'right' with four letters different?


  • His last name sounds like "10 inch", which is likely a reference to the size of a penis.