Faustin's Bodyguard

Faustin's Bodyguard
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Faustin's Bodyguard
Aliases The Killer
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2008 (in deal ending)
Nationality Russian
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations Faustin Family
Mikhail Faustin
Dimitri Rascalov
Businesses Bodyguard
Voiced by Jacek Krawczvk

Mikhail Faustin's unnamed bodyguard (referred to as "The Bodyguard" in this article) is a character in the HD Universe and a minor character featured in Grand Theft Auto IV. A member of the Faustin Family, he serves as the personal bodyguard of Faustin Family leader Mikhail Faustin.

The Bodyguard's internal model name for cutscenes reads cs_killer.


The Bodyguard, at some unknown point in time, joined the Faustin Family, rising up the ranks to become the personal bodyguard of Mikhail Faustin. He first appears during the cutscene for the mission "No Love Lost" with Mikhail Faustin when he escorts Niko Bellic into the living room of Faustin's Mansion, and is sent to find Dimitri Rascalov at the end of the mission cutscene.

After the death of Mikhail on orders of Kenny Petrovic and Dimitri Rascalov, The Bodyguard continues to follow Rascalov and work for him as he is still seen working for him more then a month after.

If the player chooses the Deal storyline, The Bodyguard will appear at Roman Bellic's wedding to assassinate Niko Bellic under orders from Dimitri Rascalov. The Bodyguard sneaks up behind Niko as he's clapping and cheering on his newly wed cousin, in an attempt to confirm his identity and send a message, The Bodyguard asks if he is Niko Bellic. When Niko responds yes, before he has a chance to notice who it is, The Bodyguard states "A message from Dimitri Rascalov" and puts a pistol to Niko's back. Niko turns quick and manages to grab The Bodyguard's gun. The Bodyguard panics, and continues to shoot the gun as Niko turns the gun towards his own face, eventually triggering the gun again and shooting him in the head.

After killing the Bodyguard, Niko hears Mallorie scream out, and Niko sees that a stray bullet has killed Roman, leaving him face down on the side of the road. Niko empties the rest of the bullets into the body of the Bodyguard, and the continues to kick him until close friend Little Jacob convinces Niko that he must leave before the police show up.

The Bodyguard was voiced by Jacek Krawczyk.

Mission appearances

Murder committed


  • This character resembles Agent 47 from the Hitman series, as shows his baldness and his black suit, both trademarks of the character.
  • The Bodyguard is commonly misinterpreted as being the same character as Sergei, as both characters are bald and work for the Faustin Family. However, analysis of the GTA IV games files proves that both characters are completely different from each other; Sergei's character model is cs_sergei while the Bodyguard's is cs_killer.