Oswaldo Quiroga

Oswaldo Quiroga is a Peruvian native now living in Alderney City. He is said to be linked to South American prostitution rings made up of South American Illegal Immigrants and US national runaways. He is alleged to have started pimping on the streets of Lima, Peru at the age of eight. He is almost certainly the pimp that Marnie Allen went to see after Niko Bellic brought her to his house.

LCPD Database information

Surname: Quiroga

First Name: Oswaldo

Age: 51

Place of Birth: Peru

Affiliations: Linked to South American Prostitution Rings in Alderney.

Criminal Record:

  • 1986 - Assault
  • 1989 - Possession Controlled Substance: Heroin
  • 1992 - Promoting Prostitution
  • 1996 - Promoting Prostitution
  • 2000 - Possession Controlled Substance: Heroin
  • 2005 - Assault and Battery


  • Immigrated to the US in 1985.
  • Believed to be operating a stable of prostitutes in Alderney City made up of South American illegal immigrants and US national runaways.
  • Alleged to have first started pimping on the street of Lima, Peru at the age of 8.