John Hunter

John Hunter
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name John Hunter
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations Julio Ochoa
Public Liberty Radio
Voiced by Henry Strozier

John Hunter is a left-wing candidate for governor of Liberty City State in Grand Theft Auto IV. His opponent is Michael Graves, and their campaigns reach the in-game billboards, radio and internet. The radio ads in particular are mostly slander-filled attack ads towards each other. Hunter is voiced by Henry Strozier.


Hunter is an Army veteran and supports the troops. He was also a small-time actor in Vinewood before politics (which may have been based on Fred Thompson).

The Intelligent Agenda

On Public Liberty Radio, he calls himself a "Conservative-Liberal Democrat" (possibly a member of the Blue Dog Democrats). He discusses his views on healthcare, the economy, the war. On education, he is in favor of "breaking the teachers union...[and] buy balls and uniforms, then the books if we can afford them". He refers to the internet as "a series of tubes", a reference to Alaskan Republican senator Ted Stevens' "series of tubes" analogy. A separate Graves attack ad also claims Hunter wants to use the internet to charge people $5 for masturbating. He ends up spanking child prodigy Zachary Tyler, who was being arrogant and voiced evil views about population control.


  • There's a John Hunter campaign billboard in northern Berchem along the Alderney Highway, which is strange, as Alderney is a separate state to the one Hunter is running in.
  • There are campaign posters for John Hunter in Algonquin.
  • He was called a "Fat bald prick" by his opponent, Michael Graves.