Mark Eastman

Mark Eastman is the CEO of Betta Pharmaceuticals. He went to college at some point in his life, and "accounting irregularities" having to do with his student loans would later get him into trouble. At age 30, he was a simple pharmacy clerk, fought cancer, and worked his way up to be a pharmaceutical CEO. He introduced Mollis, a juventile erectyle disfunction treatment, in the late 1990s and received humanitarian awards. He led a happy life with a wife and three daughters, and a September 15, 2000 Liberty Tree called him "the untouchable CEO". On July 7, 2001, public suit law firm Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster constructed a case against him for his old student loan issues (see above) that first made the firm famous and effectively ruined the CEO's life. He was forced to pay more than $1 million, resign from all of his company boards, likely went into bankruptcy, his wife divorced him and one of his daughters turned to prostitution.

On their website, it is shown that the firm still takes pride in having ruined his life in their perceived justice.