Brendan Roberts

Brendan Roberts is a famous actor from Vinewood who can be heard on Intelligent Agenda with Mike Riley on Public Liberty Radio (PLR) in GTA IV. Brendan seems to be very fond of himself, complimenting himself on numerous occasions. Brendan is working on ending global warming, and during his time on PLR wears a t-shirt that features a slogan or image of ending global warming. He has acted mostly in action movies, including one where he is on the Los Santos freeway and is being chased by a giant monkey, which he calls these 'nice quiet character pieces'. Projects that Roberts has been involved in include 'The Flower Man' and 'Family Interrupted'. At the end of his interview, he says "Kifflom", which suggests that he is a follower of the Epsilon Program. Roberts seems to be a parody of successful actors from the late 1980s and early '1990s, most blatantly Tom Cruise, due to his sunny disposition and involvement in a controversial religion.