Mrs. Petrovic

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Mrs. Petrovic
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Mrs. Petrovic


Gender Gender::Female
Place of Birth Russia
Nationality Russian
Home Liberty City
Family Kenny Petrovic (husband)
Lenny Petrovic (son)
Main Affiliations Petrovic Family

Mrs. Petrovic is a multiplayer character in Grand Theft Auto IV. She is the wife of Kenny Petrovic. She is unaware of Konstantin dating other girls. She also tried to get in a committee, but was not accepted. She couldn't stop talking about it, driving Konstantin crazy. Kenny then ordered his goons to kill the committee jury. Kenny also asked his goons to take her somewhere and give her whatever she wishes - anything. She was then picked up by one of them and started shooting the goons' competition.


  • Mrs. Petrovic is a generic young girl ped - which is strange due to Kenny's age.
  • In the mission where the player has to pick her up, the players can actually kill her.