Gerald McReary

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Gerald McReary
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Gerald McReary
Aliases Gerry McReary
Prisoner 7142858


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1973
Place of Birth Dukes, Liberty City
Age Now 45
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Family Maureen McReary (mother)
Mr. McReary (father)
Derrick McReary (brother)
Francis McReary (brother)
Patrick McReary (brother)
Kate McReary (sister)
3 divorced wives
Main Affiliations Irish Mob
Ray Boccino (formerly)
Pegorino Family (formerly)
Niko Bellic (2008)
Vehicles Oracle
Voiced by PJ Sosko

Gerald "Gerry" McReary (Irish: Gearailt Mac Ruairí) (inmate number 7142858) is a character in the HD Universe and is the third oldest member of the McReary Family being at the the age of 35 in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is first met at the beginning of Three Leaf Clover. He is the boss of the Irish Mafia.

When Niko first meets Gerry, he is heavily inebriated, making him very capricious. He belittles his brothers and Michael Keane, a friend of the family. Immediately after, he warns Niko to never hurt his family, or he will hurt Niko's.

Later after that mission he calls Niko saying he has work. Niko comes over to visit a now sober (and somewhat less hostile) Gerry. His first two missions involve disturbing the relationship between the Ancelottis and the Albanians for Jimmy Pegorino. But after imprisonment, his missions focus on Gracie Ancelotti and the diamonds. It is revealed in the mission, Undertaker, that he was taken to jail. After the funeral ( of either Derrick or Francis ) he calls Niko saying that he has him on the visitors list at Alderney State Correctional Facility. He tells Niko to kidnap Gracie Ancelotti, the daughter of Giovanni Ancelotti. Even though Patrick harbors hopes that Gerald will be released from prison, the charges against him prove to be more severe than he knows. Gerald bids farewell to Niko, as he will be spending a long time in prison.

PJ Sosko provides the voice of Gerry.

Mission appearances

The Ballad of Gay Tony

Murders committed

LCPD Database record

Surname: McReary

First Name: Gerald

Age: 35

Place of Birth: Dukes, Liberty City

Affiliations: Linked to Irish American Criminals in Dukes and the Alderney based Pegorino Crime Syndicate.

Criminal Record:

  • 1986 - Grand Larceny
  • 1990 - Assault
  • 1992 - Armed Robbery and Hijacking
  • 1999 - Conspiracy to Commit Extortion
  • 2005 - Tampering with Sports Contest: Dog Racing

Wanted For: Racketeering


  • Dukes based criminal of Irish ancestry.
  • Worked with Algonquin based crime syndicates but now affiliated with Jimmy Pegorino's Alderney mob.
  • More hands-off approach recently, leaving hijackings and armed robberies to his younger brother, Patrick McReary - street name Packie.
  • Often seen with Pegorino Capo, Ray Boccino.


  • PJ Sosko provides his voice once again for RockstarGames as Walton Lowe, an outlaw in Red Dead Redemption.
  • Gerald is one of only two characters whos fates are left with prison. The other being Elizabeta Torres.
  • Gerald says he will hurt Niko's family if Niko hurts his. This suggests that Gerry could know Roman, although this could just be a threat.
  • Gerald, Jon Gravelli, Elizabeta Torres and Niko's United Liberty Paper contact are the only major characters in GTA IV who don't appear outside of cutscenes.
  • Gerald may have been an associate of the Ancelotti Family, as his LCPD database notes state he worked with Algonquin based crime syndicates before working for Pegorino.