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==Strangers & Freaks==
==Strangers & Freaks==
{{main|Strangers & Freaks}}

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This is a list of every mission in Grand Theft Auto V.

Main story missions

Mission Description
Prologue Rob a bank in North Yankton and escape.
Franklin and Lamar Repossess two cars and return them to Simeon Yetarian.
Repossession Repossess a motorcycle from Esteban Jimenez.
Complications Repossess a SUV from Jimmy De Santa.
Chop Chase down and intimidate a Ballas gang member named D.
The Long Stretch Buy a flashlight mod for a pump shotgun, drive to a drug meet at the recycling plant and escape, lose the police and return to Franklin Clinton's house.
Father/Son Rescue Jimmy from Michael's stolen boat on a freeway.
Marriage Counseling Chase Amanda's tennis coach to a Vinewood Hills mansion, pull it off the hillside, and escape the attack of Martin Madrazo's men.
Daddy's Little Girl Race with Jimmy on Vespucci Beach with bicycles, swim to Tracey on a yacht, and escape the pursuers.
Friend Request Buy a geek outfit to infiltrate the Lifeinvader headquarters, rig the prototype phone with an explosive charge, and detonate the charge to assassinate Jay Norris.
Casing the Jewel Store Take photos in Vangelico's Fine Jewelry and on the roof and set plans to rob it.
Carbine Rifles (for Loud Approach) Steal an LSPD tactical team truck, lose the police, and stash the truck.
Bugstars Equipment (for Smart Approach) Steal a Bugstars van and stash the van.
BZ Gas Grenades (for Smart Approach) Steal a Humane Labs and Research van containing gas grenades.
The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach / Smart Apporoach) Rob Vangelico's Fine Jewelry, escape on motorcycles, take out the police, meet at the rendezvous point, and go to the lockup.
Mr. Philips Follow the Lost MC to their hideout and wipe them out, then push Ortega's trailer into the river.
Nervous Ron Protect Ron using the Sniper Rifle, steal a Cuban 800 containing guns, and drop the cargo to buyers.
Trevor Philips Industries Defend Tervor's meth lab from the Aztecas.
Crystal Maze Wipe out the O'Neil Brothers and destroy their meth lab.
Friends Reunited Blow up the trailers at the Lost MC camp, then drive to Vespucci Beach to Floyd Hebert's apartment.
Fame or Shame Stop Tracey's audition and chase Lazlow through eastern Los Santos.
Dead Man Walking Infiltrate the Strawberry Mortuary to find Ferdinand Kerimov's body and escape from the IAA and LSPD.
Three's Company Kidnap Kerimov from the IAA Building.
By the Book Torture Kerimov to get information on a suspected Azerbaijani terrorist and assassinate the target.
Hood Safari Escape from Ballas' territory after a botched drug deal.
Did Somebody Say Yoga? Do yoga with Amanda and Fabien, then drive Jimmy to Burger Shot.
Scouting the Port Work at the Port of Los Santos, then set plans to rob Merryweather.
Minisub Steal a Submersible for the Merryweather heist.
Cargobob (for Offshore Approach) Steal a Cargobob from Fort Zancudo for the Merryweather heist.
The Merryweather Heist (Freighter / Offshore) Steal a nuclear warhead guarded by Merryweather and neutralize any resistance.
Trash Truck Steal a Trashmaster for the Securicar heist.
Boiler Suits Buy three Boiler Suits for the Securicar heist.
Masks Buy three Masks for the Securicar heist.
Tow Truck Steal a Tow Truck for the Securicar heist.
Blitz Play Ambush the Securicar containing the IAA's bonds, fend off and escape from the police, and deliver the bonds to Devin Weston.
I Fought the Law Steal two exotic sports cars for Devin Weston while disguised as San Andreas Highway Patrol officers and return them to Weston's lockup.
Eye in the Sky Track the owner of a Z-Type using a police helicopter, then steal the car and bring it to Weston's hangar.
Deep Inside Steal a movie prop car from a movie studio set and bring it to Weston's lockup.
Mr. Richards Retrieve two actors, intimidate them and bring them back to the set of Meltdown.
Hotel Assassination Assassinate Bret Lowrey at the Von Crastenberg Hotel.
The Multi-Target Assassination Take out four jurors working on the Redwood Cigarettes lawsuit.
The Vice Assassination Assassinate Jackson Skinner when he solicits a trick from a prostitute.
The Bus Assassination Drive a bus to find Isaac Penny and assassinate him.
The Construction Assassination Assassinate Enzo Bonelli at the high-rise construction site.
Caida Libre Shoot down Javier Madrazo's private plane and recover a case file for Martin Madrazo.
Minor Turbulence Intercept a Merryweather cargo plane containing weapons.
Predator Track down and eliminate the surviving O'Neil brothers.
Paleto Score Setup Survey the Blaine County Savings Bank and set plans to rob it.
Military Hardware Steal a Barracks containing heavy armor and weapons.
The Paleto Score Rob the Blaine County Savings Bank and hold back the police and military resistance.
Derailed Hijack a Merryweather train containing valuable artwork.
Monkey Business Infiltrate Humane Labs and Research and steal and safely deliver a powerful neurotoxin.
Hang Ten Go to Floyd's condo and take Wade to the Vanilla Unicorn gentleman's club.
Surveying the Score Tail two Securicars doing a dry run on the Union Depository.
Bury the Hatchet Fly to North Yankton to find the truth about Bradley Snider and fight off the Triads.
Pack Man Deliver all of the stolen sports cars and fend off police resistance.
Fresh Meat Find and rescue Michael from the Triads at a meat packing plant.
The Ballad of Rocco Take out Rocco Pelosi and Gianni for Solomon Richards.
Legal Trouble Retrieve the unfinished print of Meltdown from Molly Schultz.
Cleaning Out the Bureau Follow a janitor from the FIB Building and obtain his uniform and ID.
Architect's Plans Steal the architectural blueprints for the FIB Building and set plans to raid it.
Fire Truck (for Fire Crew Approach) Steal a Fire Truck for the FIB Building raid.
The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew / Roof Entry) Raid the FIB Building, recover or destroy Haines' files, fight off any resistance, and escape.
The Wrap Up Meet with Agent Norton at the Kortz Center and take down rival FIB agents, IAA agents, and Merryweather mercenaries.
Reuniting the Family Reunite Michael with his family.
Lamar Down Rescue Lamar from the Ballas at the Paleto Bay sawmill.
Meltdown Go to the premiere of Meltdown and drive back to the De Santa house to rescue Amanda and Tracey from Merryweather mercenaries.
Planning the Big Score Set plans to rob the Union Depository.
Stingers (for Subtle Approach) Steal a Police Van containing tire stingers and return it to the lockup.
Gauntlet (for Subtle Approach) Steal and modify three Gauntlets for the Big Score.
Driller (for Obvious Approach) Steal a drilling machine for the Big Score.
Sidetracked (for Obvious Approach) Steal a freight train engine and flatbed carriage for the Big Score.
The Big Score (Subtle Approach / Obvious Approach) Steal the gold bricks, hold off Merryweather mercenaries and the police, and lose the police.
Something Sensible Assassinate Trevor Philips for Steve Haines.
The Time's Come Assassinate Michael De Santa for Devin Weston.
The Third Way Ambush FIB agents and Merryweather mercenaries at the foundry in Murietta Heights, then eliminate Wei Cheng, Harold "Stretch" Joseph, Steve Haines, and Devin Weston.

Side missions

Mission Description
The Good Husband (optional family event) Retrieve Amanda from shoplifting clothes, lose the cops and return to the De Santa house.
Doting Dad Find Tracey's stalker and deal with him.
Parenting 101 Rescue Jimmy from his kidnappers without killing them.

Strangers & Freaks

Mission Description
Pulling Favors Tow an abandoned vehicle to the LSPD impound.
Pulling Another Favor Tow an illegally parked vehicle to the LSPD impound.
Pulling Favors Again Tow a stalled vehicle off the train tracks and take it and its owner to a garage.
Still Pulling Favors Tow a stalled vehicle and take it and its owner to a garage.
Pulling One Last Favor Tow a wrecked vehicle to the Vapid dealership.
Shift Work Win a street race against Hao.
Paprazzo Agree to help Beverly Felton get photos of Miranda Cowan.
Paparazzo - The Sex Tape Help Beverly get footage of Poppy Mitchell.
Paparazzo - The Highness Help Beverly get a photo of Princess Georgina.
Paparazzo - The Partnership Photograph Poppy getting arrested for DWI.
Paparazzo - Reality Check Kill or spare Beverly and his entourage.
A Starlet in Vinewood Find 50 letter scraps related to the murder of Leonora Johnson and confront Peter Dreyfuss.
Grass Roots - Michael Survive against aliens while under the influence of Barry's potent marijuana.
Grass Roots - Trevor Survive against killer clowns while under the influence of Barry's potent marijuana.
Grass Roots - Franklin Retrieve two drug vehicles for Barry.
Grass Roots - The Smoke-In Go to Los Santos City Hall and meet with Barry.
Exercising Demons - Michael Win a foot race against MaryAnn Quinn.
Exercising Demons - Trevor Win a bike race against Mary Ann.
Exercising Demons - Franklin Win a triathlon against Mary Ann.
Seeking the Truth Find a red Bison in the Raton Canyon and donate $500 to the Epsilon Program.
Accepting the Truth Talk with Marnie Allen and donate $5,000 to the Epsilon Program.
Assuming the Truth Find and deliver 5 vehicles for the Epsilon Program.
Chasing the Truth Find "alien artifacts" in Grapeseed.
Bearing the Truth Buy the Epsilon robes and wear them for 10 consecutive days.
Delivering the Truth Fly the Epsilon Program's plane to the Sandy Shores Airfield.
Exercising the Truth Walk for 5 miles in the Grand Senora Desert while wearing the Epsilon robes.
Unknowing the Truth Either deliver $2.1 million to Cris Formage's helicopter or steal the money.
Rampage One Kill 25 Rednecks and survive for 2 minutes.
Rampage Two Kill 30 Vagos members and survive for 2 minutes.
Rampage Three Kill 30 Ballas members and survive for 2 minutes.
Rampage Four Kill 35 Fort Zancudo Soldiers and survive for 3 minutes.
Rampage Five Kill 20 Hipsters and survive for 2 minutes.
Target Practice Shoot at various targets with Cletus Ewing.
Fair Game Hunt elk with Cletus.
The Civil Border Patrol Chase after "illegal immigrants" with Joe and Josef.
An American Welcome Chase down and tase three immigrants on all terrain vehicles.
Minute Man Blues Kill Joe and Josef.
Special Bonds Find 4 bail jumpers for Maude Eccles.
Death at Sea Find 30 pieces of Frank Mathers' submarine and confront Abigail Mathers.
Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill Agree to find celebrity souvenirs for Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill.
Vinewood Souvenirs - Willie Beat up Willie McTavish at Tequi-La-La and take his tooth as a souvenir.
Vinewood Souvenirs - Tyler Steal Tyler Dixon's clothes while he is swimming.
Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry Steal the collar from Kerry McIntosh's dog.
Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark Steal Mark Fostenburg's golf club
Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli Chase after and kidnap Al Di Napoli.
Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act Kill Al Di Napoli with a train or let him go free.
Extra Commission Destroy 15 "For Sale" signs of Lenny Avery for Josh Bernstein.
Closing the Deal Chase after and beat up Lenny.
Surreal Estate Burn down Josh's Rockford Hills mansion.
Breach of Contract Kill or spare Josh and escape from the police.
Far Out Agree to find 50 "spaceship parts" for Omega.
The Final Frontier Return the 50 "spaceship parts" to Omega.
Risk Assessment Join Dom Beasley on a skydive and bike race down Mount Chiliad.
Liquidity Risk Parachute out of a cargo plane on a Blazer near the Alamo Sea.
Targeted Risk Skydive off the Maze Bank Tower and onto a moving Flatbed.
Uncalculated Risk Jump off the Land Act Dam with Dom.
Mrs. Philips Agree to steal a Deludamol van for Trevor's mom.
Damaged Goods Return the drugs van to Trevor's trailer.
The Last One Find and kill "Sasquatch".

Random events

Armed Robbery in GTA V


After the player successfully completes a Story mission or a Strangers and Freaks mission, the player earns a medal based on completing secondary objectives. Common secondary objectives include completing the mission within a set time limit, attaining a minimum number of headshots, attaining a minimum shooting accuracy, and reaching the top speed of a vehicle; however, many objectives are often specific to the mission. After completing a mission, it is unlocked for replay, allowing the player to improve his/her score. Earning a gold medal can be accomplished on multiple playthroughs. If the player earns 70 gold medals, then the "Solid Gold" achievement/trophy is unlocked.

  • Bronze: Complete a mission without completing any secondary objectives.
  • Silver: In missions with two or more secondary objectives, clear at least one objective.
  • Gold: Complete all secondary objectives. Rarely, a mission may not have any secondary objectives, and a gold medal is awarded upon completion.