Morgan Chester

Morgan Chester
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Morgan Chester


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Occupation Comedian

Morgan Chester is a character in the HD Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Morgan Chester is, in 2013, a Los Santos based comedian. He is a known cannabis user and, when under the influence, hears voicing that suggest he murder people. In 2013, shortly before the events of GTA V, he was in the news for allegedly running over a doorman at The Dungeon Crawler with a sports utility vehicle after the doorman did laugh at his jokes.


@MorganChester #observationalcomedy: You ever get that thing when you blaze it up and then you like hear this voice telling you to go up in your mommas room and shoot the place up and you tell your homie to cut it out but there's no one there? #observationalcomedy