Stanley (GTA V)

Appearances GTA V
GTA Online
Full Name Stanley


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2013
Nationality American
Home San Andreas
Main Affiliations IAA
United Liberty Paper Contact
Occupation IAA agent

Stanley is a character that appears in the HD Universe appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Stanley is a randomly generated Internal Affairs Agency agent and does not have a permanent character skin.

Character history

Stanley will appear as one of the random IAA agents during any possible gun battles with them in GTA V and GTA Online. While in a gunfight if Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips, or the GTA Online protagonist kill specific agents, other agents will call out things such as "Stanley is down!" "Stanley is hit!" or "They got Stanley!" Considering Stanley's presence is only made known upon his death, he will always be a deceased character.