Ray Navarro

Ray Navarro
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Ray Navarro
Aliases Slim


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Family Unnamed wife
Unnamed children
Two unnamed ex-wives
Main Affiliations Devin Weston (employer)
Molly Schultz (co-worker)

Ray Navarro, also spelt Ray Navaro on bedevinweston.com, is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a Lifeinvader user in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Ray Navarro is the Chief Investment Officer of Devin Weston's business empire and one of Weston's first mentees after being saved from a stretch in prison by Weston in 2008 after being accused of 'promoting junk mortgage-backed securities to elderly investors then shorting those same securities for massive profits before they defaulted'. Navarro was never found guilty and by 2012 was receiving a large bonus from the Weston Alpha Fund. He is a co-worker of Molly Schultz and in 2013 fixes the accounts of one of Devin's companys before an audit. He plays racket ball with Devin, although he always loses, and plays handball each morning after which he concludes deals in the lockerroom. After Molly's death, he asks Devin what he'd like to do following.

Lifeinvader updates

Devin Weston's page
  • Killer racket ball session, boss. You ever gonna let me win?
  • Had to twist some arms but got the numbers looking real solid for the audit :-)
  • Just heard about Molly. Let me know how you want to move on this.