Jolene Cranley-Evans

Jolene Cranley-Evans
Jolene's ghost on Mount Gordo.
Jolene's ghost on Mount Gordo.

Jolene's ghost on Mount Gordo.
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Jolene Cranley-Evans


Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth 1956
Date of Death March 14, 1978
Age at Death 22
Nationality American
Home Sandy Shores, Blaine County
Family Jeb Evans (father)
Jock Cranley (husband)

Jolene Cranley-Evans is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Jolene Cranley-Evans was born in 1956 and, at some point prior to 1978, had married Jock Cranley. The two resided in Sandy Shores, Blaine County but, by the time of her death, their marriage was starting to fail as Jock wanted to move to Los Santos to pursue a career as a stuntman while Jolene had wanted to remain in Sandy Shores to look after her ailing parents and run their guesthouse. On March 14, 1978 Jolene and Jock went for a walk on Mount Gordo where Jolene died. Jock Cranley was arrested but released without charge and was never charged with Jolene's death. Jolene's ghost, however, appears each night between 23:00 and 0:00 on top of Mount Gordo, with the name "Jock" written in blood underneath her ghost, suggesting that she was murdered by Jock Cranley. Jock dedicates his career to his wife and claims that he will miss her, despite her wanting to "destroy my dreams of success and happiness".