Pamela Drake

Pamela Drake
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Appearances GTA V
Full Name Pamela Drake
Gender Gender::Female
Home Los Santos, San Andreas
Businesses Actress
Voiced by Leigh Rose

Pamela Drake is an elderly out-of-work actress in the HD Universe appearing in Grand Theft Auto V. She talks openly about her past sexual experiences to whichever protagonist approaches her, mentioning how she used to have sex with her pool boy just to warm up for the casting director who was putting her in a movie to be a nun. She uses this as an example for the "golden days of Vinewood. Morality on the outside, filth behind closed doors."

She states that she has slept her way to her position in Vinewood, and names directors, casting directors and producers as some of the people she's slept with.

Known roles

  • The Nicaraguan - Secretary
  • The War on the Exchange - Unknown
  • Hollow Victory - Madeline


  • Pamela mentions at one point that she wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the Vinewood Sign, but she was too afraid of heights. This may be a reference to 1920s - 1930s actress Peg Entwistle who took her own life by jumping from the Hollywoodland Sign in September of 1932.
  • She states that Vinewood writers wrote A Slut in Paris just for her.
  • Pamela has a star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame in Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V.

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