Ian Garraway

Ian Garraway
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Ian Garraway


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Main Affiliations Liberty Tree (employer)
Occupation News reporter

Ian Garraway is a character in the HD Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Ian Garraway is, in 2013, a news reporter for Liberty Tree.

News articles

BAWSAQ swings wildly, pain shoots through traders.

After Franklin and Lamar

From the moment the opening bell rang in the financial district here in Liberty City, there was shouting and screaming heard on the trading floor – in the streets and out of the windows of some of the largest trading firms. Wild dips were seen as companies lost 10 percent of their value in minutes as supercomputers executed millions of trades per second and their human masters sat back in horror as our financial system threatened to come crumbling down, before surging up in a late rally and ending the day just about to flay. "This is not conjecture, this is fact," conjectured trader Adam Feinstein. Meanwhile regulators have been asked to look into the practice of computers automatically executing trades and causing wild swings in the markets. The practice has been banned on trading floors across Europe. "We're not going to anything Europe does, since it’s probably wrong" said one trader.

The Lost Found: Biker gang rises from ashes. Now menacing desert communities in Blaine County, San Andreas

After Friend Request

A few years ago, they were involved in a civil war in Alderney that left many dead and made some believe the Lost motorcycle club was consigned to history. Now they've resurfaced in the Alamo Sea area in the desert north of Los Santos and are once again raising havoc. For years, the Lost were involved in a seemingly non-stop war with the Angels of Death. Then came 2008's bloody civil war that apparently wiped them out for good. Now, they are back and worse than ever. The Lost are known to be heavily involved in two of the biggest industries for the impoverished desert towns on Blaine County: Illegal arms dealing, especially supplying violent gangs and separatists in Canada with American hardware; and the manufacture and distribution of crystal methamphetamine, the nightmare drug that has devastated small town life in too many rural communities, but been a great boon to the washing machine industry.

Shame on Senators and Representatives.

After Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark

The recent revelation that United States Senators and Representatives are being sexually swayed to pass or stall legislation by an ingenious group of attractive lobbyists is troubling. ID K Street hired the most attractive women right out of college and trained them to use their influence on politicians to get legislation passed or stalled. "It's fun!" said lobbyist Bailey Kane. "I wriggle on a guys lap and he stops something called the Affordable Care Health Care Thingy. I feel like I’ve helped someone."