Harvey Molina

Harvey Molina
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Appearances GTA V
Full Name Harvey Molina


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Las Lagunas Blvd, Burton, Los Santos, San Andreas
Main Affiliations Marilyn (neighbour)
Vehicles Red Stanier
Businesses Sunset Bleach (janitor)
Occupation Janitor
Voiced by Stewart J. Zully

Harvey Molina is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Harvey Molina is a janitor for Sunset Bleach working at the FIB Building in Los Santos, San Andreas. He also works a second unspecified job. He lives in an apartment on Las Lagunas Blvd in Burton. He may be trying to flirt with his neighbour Marilyn, in his appearance he asks her if her cable connection is coming along and she hurries along stating shes busy. He replies to himself "Only when she needs something... Jesus..."

At one point Harvey entered a taco eating contest at a Taco Bomb, and ended up winning after consuming 52 chilli tacos. The others in the competition were rushed to hospital with ruptured intestines and "projectile defecate" as stated in the article.

He appears in the mission Cleaning Out the Bureau when Michael De Santa and Lester Crest are tasked with retrieving and deleting incriminating files on Steve Haines from the FIB's West Coast Headquarters. Michael needs his outfit and his ID in order to infiltrate the FIB Building as a temp janitor.

Michael walks into Harvey's apartment after following him home just as Harvey has cracked open a Pißwasser and Michael flat out explains that he's going to pay him to take a long vacation and asks if he has another outfit. Harvey complies with no hesitation or problem, stating that he works two jobs so he needs to money. He even already left the ID for him without needing to be asked and calmly offers Michael a beer.

Michael politely denies the beer, and tells Harvey that if he doesn't play ball, he'll probably have to do something he doesn't want to do. Harvey looks slightly worried and continues to drink his beer as Michael leaves with Harvey's duffel bag and work outfit.

Mission appearance