Claudine Shorn

Claudine Shorn
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Claudine Shorn


Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Home Blaine County
Main Affiliations Senora Beacon (employer)
Occupation News reporter

Claudine Shorn is a character in the HD Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Claudine Shorn is, in 2013, a news reporter for the Blaine County based Senora Beacon newspaper.

News articles

Gangs and death in Alamo Sea

After The Long Stretch

First it was the bikers, now the Mexicans- Not wanting to get the Senora Beacon in any further legal trouble with my sweeping generalizations, I should add that I am talking about gangs, of course; specifically the Lost Motorcycle Club and, more recently, Los Varios Aztecas. According to my sources - which are primarily Janet at the Yellowjack Inn - Los Varios Aztecas, a Mexican-American street gang, are now using the Alamo Sea region as their main base of operations, having been largely forced out of Los Santos by vicious turf wars with rivals Los Santos Vagos.

Sheriff's office unable to cope with drug violence.

After Nervous Ron

The Blaine County Sheriff's office told reporters it was swamped and unable to cope following the recent outbreak of drug-related violence in the Senora Desert region and across Blaine County. Another violent incident yesterday saw a massive shootout between drug factions at Sandy Shores Airfield that left many dead and police confused. Police Spokesman Elmore Thickett told reporters "these violent incidents are becoming all too common in Blaine County. Sure we've always had problems – this is a poor county – but the past few months have seen things get completely out of control. We don't know how to cope and are requesting help from the state. So far, they seem more interested in posing in movies than stopping folk up here from getting shot but that ain't nothing new." Experts are blaming the violence on a multi-sided turf war with participants trying to gain control of the cocaine trade from Mexico into Los Santos, as well as the methamphetamine trade most of which is manufactured locally before being sold overseas and across the country. As many as five major gangs may be involved in the trade. Some are seen as particularly deranged. The highly lucrative crystal methamphetamine trade seems to be headquartered in the towns around the Alamo Sea, while it is also believed several Mexican cartels also have a presence in the area. Police have attributed several recent massacres to an on-going turf war thought to involve four or five different gangs, including: outlaw biker gangs, Mexican cartels, street gangs from Los Santos and two or more local operations. Some recent shootouts have been so bloody, some local politicians are calling for increased firepower and have requested either military or paramilitary support to control recent events. Don Percival, CEO of Merryweather has offered his company's services. Reports link several incidents to a particular local drug dealer police are desperately trying to identify. Police are appealing for calm, within reason. "We want people to panic but only in so far as it is useful" they told us.

Stab city earning its name amidst violence.

After Friends Reunited

A trailer park on the South West corner of the Alamo Sea has been destroyed by a series of explosions that could be heard as far away as Paleto Bay. ‘Stab City', as it was unironically known, was a known biker gang stronghold and it is assumed that this was yet another revenge attack by rival drug gangs in the ever worsening drug wars that have been plaguing our region. When will this violence end? Can there be many more bikers left to kill at this point? Or will they just keep popping back up like weeds as we have seen so many times before?