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Appearances GTA V
Full Name Mani
Aliases Manny (game credits)


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality Mexican
Home Los Santos
Occupation Actor
Voiced by Julian Alvarez

Mani, listed as Manny in the game credits, is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a random character in Grand Theft Auto V. Mani is voiced by Julian Alvarez.

Character history

Mani is a Los Santos based Mexican actor who can be found at the El Café Rojo de Madera at the corner of Elgin Ave and Hawick Ave in Alta. There he tells passers-by about his troubles with life in the United States and in particular in Los Santos due to being a Mexican national. He speaks in Spanish due his limited English, which prevents him from getting acting work except as a gang member, janitor, dance instructor or the pool guy in a pornographic film. Due to this, he claims that if a producer gave him a paying job he would blow him in the street as he is so desperate. He believes that Mexicans or Mexican-Americans make up 'fifty percent of the population' but are treated like 'a comedy, like a canival booth'. He does not fear being deported and calls the United States the "country of lies" due to Mexicans not being treated equally. He also states that he studied the works of Spanish playwright Lope de Vega, presumably before living in the United States.