Jeff Campion

Jeff Campion
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Jeff Campion
Gender Gender::Male
Home Los Santos
Family 2 unnamed ex-wife
Businesses (owner/webmaster)
Occupation Photocopier salesman (former)

Jeff Campion is a character in the HD Universe who runs the website in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Jeff Campion, at some point prior to 1979, was married and was a fan of the films being made in Vinewood. On January 17, 1975, Leonora Johnson's body was discovered and he became obssesed with the case. His wife left him, later revealing his naval fetish. Despite this Campion continued to obsess about the murder, which resulted in a second divorce, losing his job as a photocopier salesman (in part due to photocopying pictures of Leonora) and being arrested by the Los Santos Police Department as a suspect in the case. Campion, however, passed three polygraph tests and provided a sworn alibi leading to his release. The police gave him a 'consolatory crime scene photo that holds pride of place in my sex cave to this very day'. He later opened the website and became involved in numerous legal cases, changing his "Suspects" page to "The Main Players" to avoid further legal proceedings. He updates his website following an intoxicated statement from Ira Richards that his grandfather, the founder of the Richards Majestic film studio for which Leonora worked, had received a confession letter from Leonora's killer but does not after Peter Dreyfuss is revealed to be her killed.