Nicholas (GTA V)

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Appearances GTA V
Full Name Nicholas


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Richman, Los Santos
Family Unnamed ex-girlfriend
Vehicles Carbonizzare

Nicholas is a character in the HD Universe who appears on the Grand Theft Auto V website.

Character history

Nicholas is, in 2013, a resident of Richman, Los Santos who has Hao at Los Santos Customs modify his Carbonizzare with a carbon hood. He has an ex-girlfriend and, from his testimony for Los Santos Customs, continues to monitor his ex-girlfriends actions.

Los Santos Customs testimony

I love my Grotti. She is finer than any woman will ever be. She treats me right, and like my ex-girlfriend, I don't let just anyone touch her. The fine craftsmen at Los Santos Customs installed a Carbon Hood. My girl is fast and perfect.