Fred Quincy

Fred Quincy
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Fred Quincy
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Family Maureen (ex-girlfriend)
Main Affiliations Isaac
Isaac's unnamed secretary
Businesses Fred's Pictures
Occupation Owner of Fred's Pictures

Fred Quincy is a character in the HD Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Fred Quincy was the founder of the Fred's Pictures and was friends with fellow film production company owners David Richards (Richards Majestic) and Abe Schwartzman (Browne Canyon). In 1947 he was angered by one of his employees, Isaac and later began to date Maureen who presumably had an affair with Isaac, although Fred was not angered by this knowing Maureen's history as a prostitute. Isaac, however, did anger Fred in 1949 by not giving his all during the production of the Bip The Dog film and by filming a short film for rival firm Browne Canyon on film owned by Fred's Pictures. During this time, Fred was also being blackmailed by Isaac's secretary. By August 1949, he had killed Isaac (leaving his body in an abandoned mine in Great Chaparral) and his secretary (leaving her body at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean close to Fort Zancudo). He later wrote a letter to David Richards confessing to murdering both and promising to purchase 5% of Richards Majestic for $450,000. The letter, however, warns him off talking to people about the letter.



August 14th, 1949
Dear David,

I think by now you know that I made some mistakes, I mean, we all have. We are flawed men, and me, who has focused so much on perfection, perhaps the most flawed of all.

I know you know the whole story or enough of it, and I am sure you must be sick to your stomach with me, but let me ask you, what choice did I have? To have some strumpet, good for nothing three dollar whore behind a type writer threaten me and my legacy! It was the best choice I could have made. It was the only choice I could have made. And I know it was an ugly choice but that is the problem with sin. Sin beget sin, and my sins have multiplied.

I know you know the business about Isaac. Well, that was a couple of years ago and things were just getting back to normal. Nobody knew about it. Just you, me, my lawyers, Abe Schwartzman over at Browne Canyon, nobody who didn't have their own, perhaps more allegorical skeletons in the closet. Isaac betrayed me, in the worst way possible. Not that business with Maureen. The honest truth is that when I met her she was turning tricks to buy hot dogs, so what could I expect? No, Isaac betrayed me in the worst way possible. He did not give his all on the Bip The Dog movie. I warned him, but I knew he was already flirting with Abe about a live action gig at BC. He even shot a short for him. On my film stock. I'd been drinking and we got into it. We've all done it. I buried him in a mine up in the hills, then called Abe and offered him a deal to forget about Isaac. Abe's made a few mistakes himself, including that nasty business with the busboy, so he shut up, as far as I know.

I hope you understand how much I value our friendship, and trust nothing would ever encourage you to gossip inappropriately about me. Let me be quite frank for a second. Were you to do that, well, clearly I am quite prepared to make difficult decisions and I'd make them again. But just to solidify what has always been a very important relationship to me, I wanted to help you out of a spot of bother. Freds will buy a 5% stake in Richards Majestic for $450,000. We both know this is significantly over market rate and we both know that this ties us together, as the brothers we truly are. You're a talented man who needs to get back to doing what he does best. Less of this artistic nonsense. Action, and plenty of it. When people think Richards Majestic they think broads, hoods and Tommy Guns. So give them what they want.

We make dreams come true. It's an incredible responsibility.

Your friend,

Fred Quincy